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Senior AML Compliance Officer LATAM
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CC - Compliance

Risks & Compliance

Risks & Compliance is an independent division which monitors the Bank’s activities to ensure they are fully in compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations while always keeping a close eye on clients’ interests. The division is involved in the management of all the Bank’s operations, monitoring its activities to keep them within the defined risk framework, and participates in the approval process for new developments in products and services. It is dedicated to supporting our Bank business lines at the same time as protecting the Bank’s interests and reputation


To provide support to the Compliance PB team, handling the day-to-day spectrum of account openings and mutations to ensure that the business operations adhere to applicable regulatory requirements (FINMA, CDB, etc.) and all relevant compliance-related laws and regulations, including AML, CTF, Sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption laws, tax compliance as well as internal compliance policies and procedures.


  • Provide guidance and support and relevant information to RMs with special focus on LATAM clients;
  • Review new and existing clients, prepare client analysis summary sheets for presentation to the Bank’s account opening committees;
  • Corroborate KYC information provided by the business and perform checks via external sources where appropriate;
  • Follow-up on decisions taken by the Bank’s AML Committees;
  • Draft Souspcious Activity Reports;
  • Work collaboratively with other Compliance teams such as Subject Matter Experts for tax, cross-border, etc.;
  • Raise awareness of Compliance reponsibilities within the First Line of Defense;
  • Assist with departemental projects and initiatives as required;
  • Monitor changes to business practices and products to ensure that AML controls and procedures are adqueate to cover them.
  • Compliance Market Champion for PB LATAM (single point of contact)
  • Liaise and exchange expertise with compliance officers across the Group who are serving the same market


  • Post-graduate degree in Economics, Finance or Business Administration;
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience as Compliance, KYC and AML; specialist in Private Banking;
  • Very good understanding of risk management and controls;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Commercially aware and solution focussed;
  • Ability to make decisions and to set priorities;
  • Fluent in English, French and Spanish and/or Portugese.
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