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Head of Enterprise Architecture
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Head of Enterprise Architecture


The Bank’s entire operations are managed by COO Division and are headed up by the Chief Operating Officer. It strives to provide both in-house and external clients with a first-rate service to ensure our business operates efficiently and at the best possible cost. The COO division comprises Operations, Finance, Information Management, Human Resources and Logistics. COO employees are committed to providing, with professionalism and enthusiasm, an efficient, proactive, high-quality service that meets the needs of clients within the context of the Bank’s overall strategy.


The right candidate will combine a strong technology and a significant functional expertise in the wealth management industry.


A strong technology expertise will be required to structure the systems into an open platform build around a service-oriented architecture using micro services. A strong functional expertise will be required to take the right build vs buy decisions, rationalize our systems, promote the use of cloud based managed service implementations whenever relevant for the bank, and define our Target Operating Model. The candidate will have to demonstrate leadership, a strong credibility, seniority and convincing abilities to drive and when necessary, enforce changes.

Main responsibilities

Technology Leadership

  • Document our technology standards: Our technology standards are evolving with the pace of technology. The role of the chief architect is to promote the current standards, enforce them but also make sure they evolve according to the best practices of the industry.
  • Enforce the technology governance of the bank: The implementation of new services and solutions must be validated by the Enterprise Architecture practice. As Chief Architect, the candidate will be accountable for the solution designs in such a way that they comply with the technology standards of the bank.
  • Identify and Initiate technology driven initiatives: The Chief Architect maintains an overall understanding of the bank’s software estate. As such the decommission and simplification agendas of the bank shall be initiated by Enterprise Architecture. Obsolescence must be managed, and technology upgrade initiatives must be driven by the Chief Architect.
  • Data Modeling and collaboration with the Data Governance Office: UBP aims at controlling the amount of data duplication within the bank and enforce the consistency of its data models. As such Enterprise Architecture has a remit of documenting and enforcing the data models implemented throughout the software ecosystem.
  • API Governance: As we are moving towards a service-oriented architecture, the governance behind our APIs become essential. Our APIs must be consistent, managed, entities well defined and documented under the governance of Enterprise Architecture.


Functional Leadership

  • The definition of the Target Operating Model of the bank is a key element of the role. We need to define the role and scope of the core banking versus specific functions around it. As such, the Chief Architect needs to have a strong functional Wealth Management expertise to drive and reach a consensus on the bank’s Target Operating Model.
  • Part of the role is to reduce the number of applications managed by the bank and therefore to drive consolidation initiatives. It will therefore be part of the role of the Chief Architect to propose initiatives to simplify and rationalize the bank technology environment around a consistent set of functional services.



  • We aim to strengthen the Enterprise Architecture group to drive the technology transformation of the bank. This will require the selection of the right architects and the management of the Enterprise Architecture service.
  • The Chief Architect will have to present the key activities of its service, with key indicators indicating the performance of the service and proposals to increase the value of the service and accelerate the technology transformation of the bank.


  • Education: Engineer


  • Years of experience: +10 : senior
  • Experience required: Experience in wealth management / private banking is a must for this role. Proven experience in managing client stakeholders.
  • Experience in private banking: Mandatory


  • English: Fluent
  • French: Fluent

Personal skills

  • Swiss resident: Optional

  • Ability to functionally understand the problem statements being solved for.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues.
  • Strong understanding of security and compliance regulations.
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions.
  • Previous functional and technical leadership experience in the private banking industry at a senior level.
  • Excellent leadership and management skills, with a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams.
  • Strong business acumen, with the ability to understand the impact of technical solutions on business outcomes.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders.

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