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Analisi 14.08.2018

Oil demand stays firm

WTI oil prices are down almost 10% since the beginning of July. At the beginning of August, oil prices started their longest weekly losing streak in three years. The US/China trade tensions fuelled concerns that global economic growth could slow, weakening worldwide energy demand.
Analisi 07.08.2018

A regime change ahead for global technology

Spotlight - An evolution in return drivers for global technology.

Analisi 30.07.2018

Sfruttare le opportunità nell’azionario e gestire i rischi nell’obbligazionario

Il 2018 è cominciato all’insegna dell’ottimismo per gli investitori, sulla scia delle strepitose performance ottenute dalla maggior parte delle categorie di asset nel 2017.

UBP in the press 25.07.2018

Convertibles sparking investors’ interest

With the entry into an advanced phase of the economic cycle, companies have been looking at convertible bonds with fresh eyes as a valid alternative to traditional debt instruments to finance their growth.

Analisi 23.07.2018

Hedge Funds: a genuine diversification opportunity

Today’s alternative asset management industry bears little resemblance to the way it was ten years ago. Hedge funds, focused on managing risk, are enabling investors to diversify their investments in a way that is particularly well suited to the current market context.

Analisi 20.07.2018

Emerging Markets: growth potential unaffected by the rising dollar

The decline in emerging-market currencies since March is the result of the dollar rally. However, emerging markets are still benefiting from synchronised growth in the global economy. That momentum provides a good opportunity to move back into this asset class.

Analisi 26.05.2017

The time is right for convertible bonds

The beginning of a trend

UBP in the press 14.09.2017

Exclusive interview with Guy de Picciotto

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) - Guy de Picciotto, CEO of Geneva-based bank UBP, believes the financial sector could be at the start of a new era, past problems have been solved, and banks now have the chance to draw on their traditional strengths.

UBP in the press 12.09.2017

Five questions to Norman Villamin

NZZ am Sonntag (10.09.2017) - Interview with Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Private Banking and Head of Asset Allocation.

Comunicati stampa 19.07.2018

UBP si espande nel Regno Unito con l’acquisizione di ACPI

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) ha annunciato di aver stipulato un accordo per l’acquisizione di ACPI Investments Limited (ACPI), una società indipendente di gestione degli investimenti con sede a Londra, e delle attività di ACPI IM Limited a Jersey. L’operazione è soggetta all’approvazione delle competenti autorità regolatorie e si prevede che sarà perfezionata nel quarto trimestre 2018.
Comunicati stampa 19.07.2018

UBP l’utile netto sale a 115 milioni di CHF nel primo semestre 2018

L’utile netto ha riportato un aumento del 5,3% rispetto a fine giugno 2017, passando da 109,5 milioni di franchi ai 115,3 milioni di franchi di fine giugno 2018. Il risultato operativo raggiunge quota 147,4 milioni di franchi, registrando un progresso del 10,1% (+13,5 milioni di CHF) rispetto ai 133,9 milioni dell’anno precedente. Il patrimonio in gestione sale a 128,4 miliardi di franchi grazie a un afflusso netto di capitali pari a 2,7 miliardi.

Analisi 17.07.2018

Gold faces difficult times

Despite the prevailing uncertainty about the prospect of a trade war that could escalate and stir up significant turmoil and damage global financial markets, gold has been under pressure since mid-June.

UBP in the press 16.07.2018

Eric Morin covers a lot of ground in his role

cpjobs.com (14.07.2018) - It may not feature on his CV or official job description, but one of Eric Morin’s key skills is the ability to perform an astute balancing act. Doing that, though, has become second nature to him thanks to more than 30 years in finance and wealth management and a knack for managing change, planning adjustments, and taking a studied approach to every new initiative.

UBP in the press 13.07.2018

Markets: overlay strategies are up to today’s challenges

Equity markets still offer attractive investment opportunities, but since the beginning of the year they have seen increased volatility. In these conditions, overlay strategies can be an interesting solution for investors.

Comunicati stampa 12.07.2018

Lancio di una nuova strategia investment grade

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) ha annunciato l’ampliamento della sua offerta nel reddito fisso in euro con il lancio di una nuova strategia investment grade.

Analisi 10.07.2018

Trade War Update

Asia Macro Strategy (10.07.2018) - The trade war that started last Friday (July 6th) has been well anticipated. The US initially imposed tariffs of 25% tax on US$34 billion worth of Chinese goods. The next US$16 billion will be announced in two weeks, according to US President Donald Trump.

UBP in the press 03.07.2018

Convertible bonds to navigate through late market cycle challenges

Cash (06.2018), Interview by Katharina Lamster - What should investors know before investing in convertible bonds? Cash spoke with Nicolas Delrue about the asset class’ opportunities and risks.