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UBP Asset Management (France)

UBP Asset Management (France)

Union Bancaire Gestion Institutionnelle (France) S.A.S. (“UBP Asset Management (France)”) is an investment portfolio management company that has been registered with the French Autorité des marchés financiers (Financial Markets Authority) since 2 September 1998 (registration number 98041). UBP Asset Management (France) was created in 1998 as the French subsidiary of UBP Asset Management (Europe) S.A. and is also affiliated to the French Asset Management Association (AFG).

UBP Asset Management (France) is authorised to offer the following services and carry out the following activities: 

  • Managing UCITS funds;
  • Managing alternative investment funds (AIF);
  • Managing assets through mandates;
  • Providing investment advice;
  • Marketing the Group’s collective investment funds, as well as those from external managers.

UBP Asset Management (France) today 

  • UBP Asset Management (France) has been the UBP Group’s asset-management company in France since 1998.
  • It is the Group’s centre of expertise for convertible bond management.
  • It handles the marketing of the UBP Group’s products and expertise in France*, in particular the Luxembourg SICAV, “UBAM”.
  • It brings together a management structure and skill set that respond to the unique requirements of French institutional investors thanks to its team of around twenty people who are dedicated to institutional asset management.
  • UBP Asset Management (France) is well established in France with around 130 institutional clients and some EUR 3.8 billion** in assets under management.

ESG criteria

To date, and given the wide variety of investment strategies operated, UBP Asset Management (France) does not apply the fundamental principles relating to social, environmental and corporate-governance issues to all of its investment management. However, for dedicated funds or mandates managed by us for our clients, as well as for a specific convertible bond fund, we apply investment strategies which respect these principles (see the socially responsible investment (SRI) transparency code below).

* This business may generate retrocessions on part of the fees charged by the UCITS.
** As at 31 December 2017.

Our voting policy

As per applicable regulations and UBP’s internal directives, UBP Asset Management (France) has implemented a voting policy suited to its activities. This policy stipulates the circumstances in which we intend to exercise the voting rights that come with ownership of shares in the UCITS we manage. This policy is available upon request from the management firm.

The report on the exercise of voting rights for funds managed by UBP Asset Management (France) is also available from the management company upon request.

Regulatory information:

Contact us

UBP Asset Management (France)
116, avenue des Champs-Elysées,
75008 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 75 77 80 80

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