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Independent Asset Managers

Our product and service offering


Our product and service offering

In addition to the usual custodian bank services, UBP will provide independent asset managers with a broad range of additional services and products. This will allow you as our partner to offer your clients a vast selection of investment solutions so that you can help them achieve their financial goals.

Custody services

As a custodian bank, we provide all the operational services you will need to safeguard and manage your clients’ assets. UBP is one of the best-capitalised banks in Europe and our international network of offices gives you the choice between booking centres across eight jurisdictions according to your clients’ needs and investment objectives.

Dedicated IT system

Our dedicated IT platform has all the functionalities independent asset managers will need to satisfy their clients’ requirements. It meets all the latest security standards and has been designed to be highly user-friendly. You are able to view all the accounts you manage1, print documents and download data relating to positions and portfolio movements onto your own IT system. In addition, our web interface allows you to import the positions and movements of any portfolio you have in your own management system over the Internet (datafeed) through a secure network via CSV or PDF files.

Direct access to the Trading Room

UBP allows you to contact its trading desk directly. This is convenient when timing is essential in the execution of orders, when you want to exchange market views with a seasoned trading team, or when you need to monitor your positions on a real-time basis.

Access to our Advisory team

The dedicated advisors supporting our Independent Asset Managers team can give you a real competitive advantage by helping you structure a portfolio that closely fits your clients’ financial objectives and legal situation. Once you agree the investment approach with your client the dedicated advisors will provide you with access to markets, products and investment themes all the while proactively engaging with you on the latest market updates and investment opportunities.

Access to all of UBP’s expertise and analysis

You are also entitled to receive all of our macroeconomic and strategic insight as well as the analysis and reports published by over 200 in-house financial experts2 . In addition, we regularly arrange telephone conferences and visits with our independent asset managers to discuss market analysis and convictions further, as well as introduce new innovative investment opportunities.

Exclusive Services And Products For Your Clients

Traditional and alternative investment funds

Through you, your clients can draw on our investment professionals’ extensive expertise to tap into the full potential of the global financial markets. We offer a broad range of long-only and alternative funds with most of our strategies managed internally.

Structured products

Our specialised team provides a broad range of pay-offs tailored to your clients’ risk appetite, diversification requirements and return expectations. Depending on the structured product’s complexity, we are able to efficiently translate an investment idea into an investable product in just a few hours or a few days.

Direct investments

The Direct Investments Group (DIG) is an exclusive UBP team dedicated to qualified investors providing unique investment opportunities.

Tax and wealth planning

On request, we can analyse your clients’ wealth structure with our highly experienced in-house tax and wealth planning team to help you pinpoint risk areas and identify wealth planning opportunities in line with your clients’ needs and objectives, such as dedicated funds and life insurance.

1 Provided we are authorised to give you access to such products and services
2 Provided tax-compliance regulations allow it

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