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Family Office Services

As an entrepreneurial family‐owned bank, UBP understands the challenges that entrepreneurs and family businesses face to protect and grow their wealth down the generations. UBP Family Office Services acts as a centre of excellence, bringing together our proprietary investment expertise and a strong network of independent advisors to provide a full range of innovative wealth and asset governance solutions.

UBP Family Office Services provides objective guidance, as well as tailored services, innovative solutions and ongoing, reliable support. Our goal is to offer families and future generations peace of mind in all matters relating to the management of their wealth.

Our full range of services is based on three pillars:

  • Wealth Governance
  • Asset Governance
  • Expertise Governance


Wealth Governance

Family Matters

What is the purpose of your wealth?

With wealth come responsibilities. Defining the purpose of your wealth is the bedrock for success in managing wealth and facilitating its transmission to the next generation.

Wealth Planning

How secure is your wealth?

Your vision for your wealth must be protected from exogenous and endogenous risks. Correctly ring-fencing your assets is essential to create the future you want.

Single-Family Office Advisory

Are your means of implementation institutional enough?

Your overall wealth purpose is implemented by your family office. The scope of its activities should correspond to a balance between the privacy your family requires and the expertise you are willing to insource or outsource.

Asset Governance

Investment Governance

Do you have multiple private banking relationships?

Investment architecture is key to achieving lasting performance and reducing costs. We favour an institutional approach to investing. It is based on the endowment model, where the family can enjoy the efficiency of an institutional organisation while benefiting from a set-up adapted to its needs.

Asset Classes

How well is your asset mix managed?

Asset class selection is a major contributor to performance. Our conviction is that an innovative investment approach, including allocations to private markets, as well as the delegation of some sub-asset classes to the best asset managers, adds value to your investment strategy.

Consolidated Reporting

Where are your main sources of return and risk?

Only through accurate and reliable investment assessment and reporting can sound advice be given and informed investment decisions made. Understanding performance and potential risk pockets is at the heart of a successful investment process.

Expertise governance


Understanding family office industry trends and best practices is critical to strengthening and adapting your family office operations to your families’ evolving needs. We share our unique insight and experience with our clients through dedicated events and workshops.

Partners’ directory

UBP Family Office Services collaborates with the most seasoned experts in many areas such as service and product specialists, including investment banks and corporate banks, lawyers, trustees, and professional advisors in art, aviation and other assets.

The team

Monica Espinosa
Head of UBP Family Office Services

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Monica has extensive experience in wealth management and multi-family office services in Switzerland. She joined UBP in 2013 and, having been instrumental in developing the Bank’s External Asset Managers business, in January 2022 she took on the role of Head of Family Office Services, a centre of expertise which she has been actively developing and expanding since.

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