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Data Protection

Cookie policy and settings

We use cookies on our corporate website (www.ubp.com), our other websites, and our e-banking applications (hereinafter all referred to together as our “Platform”) to improve your online experience when using our services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other devices when you access our Platform. They allow the Platform to recognise your device, to adapt the navigation and content to your preferences, to improve the performance and to collect statistics, helping us to continuously enhance our services to you.

This Cookie Policy describes different kinds of cookies, how we use them and what benefits they bring.

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Cookie settings

Exercise rights

If you wish to exercise your rights to access, update or delete your data, please make a request by filling in the contact form here.

Types of cookies used

Preferences and navigation

These cookies store your user and navigation preferences. They are used to make your online experience more personalised and seamless. For example, they may remember the device you connect from, the choices you make such as the country you visit from, your preferred language, and your search settings. The information collected may be personally identifiable, such as your user name. These cookies are active only when you are on our Platform and become inactive when you leave.

Statistics and system usage

These cookies collect statistical information such as number of users, frequency and duration of visits, number of pages visualised, response time of our systems, frequency of use of our online functions, etc. This information is used to improve our Platform’s features such as system performance and user navigation, as well as the most frequently accessed pages and related services. These cookies may use third-party technologies such as Google Analytics, which collect such data as the number of visitors, where visitors have navigated from, and the pages they have visited on our Platform. That data allows us to monitor how visitors use our Platform, to compile reports and to improve our systems. For further information, please see Google’s privacy policy here.

Necessary for system operations

These cookies are essential for our Platform to operate. They are required to manage your sessions and administer the systems and cannot be switched off as the Platform cannot function without them.

Social Media & Advertising Cookies

There are also cookies linked to social media which allow you to connect straight to your social media accounts and share content from our platform. Third-party advertising cookies collect information to better target advertising to your interests. They work by identifying your browser and your device. If you deactivate those cookies, you may see less relevant advertisements, and be unable to connect to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to share content.

How to change your cookie preferences

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies by default but you can amend your preferences through your browser settings to refuse cookies.

There are a number of ways in which you can manage your cookie preferences depending on the browser or device you are accessing our services from. You can refer to your browser's ‘help’ function for further details.

You can find below the instructions for the most commonly used browsers:

However, please remember that cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions. If you choose to switch some cookies off, it is likely to affect how our Platform works.