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Institutional Clients

Management approach and investment strategies

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Management approach and investment strategies
Asset Management

Providing investors with solutions in increasingly challenging markets.

A range of actively-managed strategies

UBP Asset Management offers a range selected of actively-managed strategies, both in the long-only and in the alternative space. Dedicated investment teams by asset class seek to exploit all of the most rewarding sources of return in each asset class or market in which we invest, applying a bottom-up or a top-down decision process or a blend of both.

Our focus is on strategic, niche investment themes, such as absolute return fixed income, emerging markets, convertibles, selected equity strategies and alternative investments. Most of our strategies are managed in-house. Some are managed externally by delegation to managers with a proven and long-term track record.

Bespoke solutions

UBP has long-standing experience in managing dedicated mandates that are tailored to its clients’ specific requirements, objectives and risk profiles, across all asset classes. We provide:


  • The skills to manage dedicated solutions integrating various types of constraints (such as short/long-term horizon, hedging/FX exposure, quality bias, geographical/sector restrictions etc).


  • A clear understanding of mandates’ specificities;
  • The capability to work with external third-party service providers appointed directly by the client (for example, an external custodian).


  • Transparent, well-documented processes;
  • Appropriate and effective integrated risk management.

We strive to serve the whole spectrum of both local and global institutional clients, from sovereign wealth funds, to endowment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, central banks, family offices and distributors

Outstanding products and selection

We aim to provide our clients with access to the best investment talent and products available. UBP is a pioneer in incorporating certain asset classes, especially alternative investments, into its investment strategy. Furthermore, we have a number of top-quality, in-house investment teams running our long-only funds with great success. Our products often rank at the top of their respective classes. Global banks distribute many of our funds and we create tailored products for specific markets.

Risk management and monitoring

Risk management is an integral part of each investment team’s process

  • A risk budgeting framework is designed to minimise drawdowns through a thorough analysis of various risk factors, stress tests depending on the asset class.
  • An independent risk oversight is performed by UBP Group Risk Management.

We aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, tailoring portfolios to their specific return objectives and risk profiles, while meeting their risk/reward and service expectations.

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