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Headquartered in Geneva with over 20 offices in Switzerland and around the world, UBP ranks among the most strongly capitalised banks in Europe with capital ratios well above regulatory requirements.

Agility is one of our core values: we don’t like to give no for an answer and we always strive to find solutions or alternatives to your requests, whatever their nature and scope.

Our service offering aims to help IAMs save time and facilitate their access to all the information they need. Our product offering covers an extensive range of solutions and relies on our long-recognised strategic capabilities, convictions and ability to innovate.

Our approach

  • Client-oriented: our approach centres on understanding and fully integrating what solution best responds to your needs, and developing our offering in consultation with you.
  • Close ties: being a Bank specialised in the wealth management business, UBP is perfectly in tune with your requirements as an IAM. The combination of our family dimension, a client-centred approach and financial expertise allows us to provide a strong foundation upon which to build close and long-lasting relationships with you.
  • International scope: our network spans more than 20 locations worldwide, meaning it gives you the choice of booking centres in eight jurisdictions*. These centres provide all the operational services you will need to safeguard and manage your clients’ assets.
  • Conviction: UBP’s long-term vision enables us to make choices based on strong convictions. This key value has been a driving force behind the growth of our business as well as those of our clients.
  • Open-mindedness: listening to clients’, colleagues’, partners’ and peers’ views and ideas, analysing them and taking inspiration from them is at the heart of our drive for constant development and innovation.
  • Open architecture: our open-architecture structure allows your clients to choose from a wide range of products, whether they are managed in-house or not.
  • Strong analysis: as a wealth manager partner you have access to all of our macroeconomic and strategic insights, as well as the analyses and reports published by over 200 in-house financial experts, including the know-how of award-winning fund managers.
  • Solution-driven: if we don’t have the answer to hand, we will search for it until we find the solution that suits your client’s needs and objectives.
  • Expert support: you have access to our experts across the Bank’s divisions, including fund managers, investment specialists, traders, credit structurers, and wealth planners, who are committed to giving you and your clients the support you need in building and managing portfolios.

*Subject to relevant rules and regulations of the jurisdiction

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