Investment Expertise

We are a full-scale asset manager, providing our clients with access to a large range of high-quality investment solutions, many of which are rated highly by independent agencies across multiple asset classes.

Investment expertise

Global & absolute return fixed income

UBP's Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income team is a dedicated group of 12 investment professionals who focus on managing risk and delivering returns for investors.


China’s transition boosts emerging markets

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Investment expertise


Investment expertise

Alternative investments

Union Bancaire Privée has long been convinced of the significant benefits of alternatives as investment vehicles, including the value and diversity they can create in portfolio construction.


Investment expertise

Emerging markets fixed income

The emerging market fixed-income space remains an under-researched asset class that offers attractive alpha opportunities.

Investment expertise


Convertible bonds combine the defensive qualities of fixed-income securities with the upside potential of equities, giving them an asymmetrical return profile.


Our experts' views

"For investors wanting to increase their equity weighting without excessive exposure to equity-market volatility, a dynamic international convertibles strategy is a sensible choice..”

Nicolas Delrue, Head of Investment Specialists & Convertible bond Senior Investment Specialist

Investment expertise

Multi-management & fund research

For over twenty years, Union Bancaire Privée has promoted the merits of open architecture, including exclusive partnerships, as a pillar of its investment strategy.

Our fund range


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Investment expertise

Asymmetric, multi-asset and volatility strategies

Union Bancaire Privée specialises in convex strategies and a dynamic and tailor-made risk management overlay, setting us apart from our peers.


Global economic overview

Macro-economic view

Our entire investment process hinges upon our macroeconomic view of the future, which we base on the latest data and underlying trends.


Investment expertise

Global Equity Research

UBP’s dedicated team of experienced global sector/country analysts aims to take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves over the course of a company’s life cycle.

Investment expertise

Asset allocation

According to the investment outlook, we put together an asset allocation that takes into account the latest macroeconomic updates, specific risk profiles and reference currencies. Our most recent global macroeconomic views, asset-class outlook and asset allocation grids are published on a monthly basis.

Investment expertise

Investor Insights

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Insight 18.07.2017

Old Europe is launching a new Europe

The calm after the storm.

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