Insight 16.02.2017

Spotlight: China tightens modestly

What pitfalls and opportunities does this present?

Insight 14.02.2017

Spotlight: Navigating a Trump Presidency

President Donald Trump has moved quickly to enact his policy agenda outlined during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

UBP in the press 13.02.2017

Wealth planning on the rise

L'AGEFI. UBP has tripled its wealth planning headcount in five years. We spoke with Bertrand Binggeli, the department's co-head, whose focus is on after-tax returns.

UBP in the press 07.02.2017

Automatic exchange of information: a challenge to competitiveness

Le Temps - For several years now, establishing clients' tax residence and providing the documentation needed for them to fulfil their tax obligations in their country of origin has been part of the service offered by banks in Switzerland.

UBP in the press 06.02.2017

A gateway to the True Chinese story

L'AGEFI - Chinese equities offer attractive long-term returns and, in a slow growth world, a necessary diversification.

UBP in the press 27.01.2017

“UBP will not pull out of London because of Brexit”

Le Temps - The bank, owned by the de Picciotto family, remains confident about the US economy, but is concerned that a weaker British financial centre will hurt Europe as much as the UK. Interview with the CEO following UBP's results announcement on Tuesday.

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Insight 25.04.2016

Annual & Financial Reports 2015

We are pleased to announce that UBP’s Annual & Financial Reports are now available in three languages (English, French and German).

Insight 09.11.2016

US Elections - Managing uncertainty via Alternatives

While a Trump presidency creates new uncertainty in the global economy and global markets, a strong economic backdrop in the US combined with near-term policy tools should be enough to keep US growth on track.

Press Releases 24.01.2017

UBP reports a solid net profit of CHF 176.4 million

UBP saw profits excluding non-recurring items (operating income) rise significantly by 26.3%. Net profits reached CHF 176.4 million.

Press Releases 17.01.2017

UBP and Partners Group join forces

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (“UBP”) has announced a major new collaboration with Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, to deliver an innovative new approach to credit investing.

UBP in the press 16.01.2017

The drivers rebalancing Chinese growth

Sphere - The rebalancing of Chinese growth seems to be the macroeconomic phenomenon attracting most comment at the moment, second only to central-bank decisions.

UBP in the press 28.12.2016

Will emerging markets be the new leader?

L'AGEFI - As we get closer to the end of 2016 it may indeed be a good time to review 2017 earnings expectations for emerging markets (EM).

UBP in the press 13.12.2016

The potential of European small and mid-caps

L'AGEFI - In the search for opportunities in today's market environment it is clear that small and mid-caps are currently offering great value.

Insight 09.12.2016

Growth, elections, volatility & opportunities

UBP Investment Outlook 2017

UBP in the press 06.12.2016

The return of politics

Le Temps - 2016 has brought us a whole series of unpredictable political events, or at least events that were not anticipated by most experts and pollsters.

Insight 05.12.2016

The Italian Referendum

Quick comments after the results of the Italian referendum.