UBP in the press 22.03.2017

UBP Brings Institutional Investing to Asia’s Wealthy

Baron's Asia - UBP’s Michael Blake says new fixed income fund offers access previously out of reach of private clients.

Insight 20.03.2017

Outlook for convertible bonds in 2017 looks promising

An environment in which rates are rising traditionally favours convertible bonds. What is more, at times of market volatility, convertibles’ convexity remains a rare and precious asset.

Insight 15.03.2017

Asia Stocks Extend Gains

February 2017 Market Review and Outlook: Asia stocks extend gains but begin questioning Trump policy details.

Press Releases 13.03.2017

UBI becomes UBP Asset Management (France)

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) has announced that its French asset management subsidiary has changed its trade name. Formerly known as UBI, on 1 March 2017 it became UBP Asset Management (France).

Insight 09.03.2017

Spotlight: European elections

The future of the Eurozone is heavily dependent on the results of the coming elections
Insight 07.03.2017

Oil market commentary

Brent crude oil is struggling to move beyond USD57/bl since its rally last November when it rose +USD10.10 per barrel.

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Insight 25.04.2016

Annual & Financial Reports 2015

We are pleased to announce that UBP’s Annual & Financial Reports are now available in three languages (English, French and German).

Insight 07.03.2017

Oil market commentary

Brent crude oil is struggling to move beyond USD57/bl since its rally last November when it rose +USD10.10 per barrel.

Insight 02.03.2017

Active management makes a comeback

Correlation between asset classes is falling towards normal levels. The recent rise in bond yields and monetary policy normalisation are causing much wider variations between asset classes in terms of their behaviour and returns. Now that these differences are reasserting themselves, active management is likely to outperform passive management.

UBP in the press 27.02.2017

Is the market rally being driven by political or economic factors?

The Swiss equity market shrugged off all the political upheaval in 2016, and will be supported by a positive economic environment in 2017.

Insight 23.02.2017

The expected performance drivers for convertible bonds

From the fall in the oil price to Donald Trump’s victory via the shock of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, 2016 confounded all predictions.

Insight 22.02.2017

Trump’s Initial Policy Implications for Asian Equities

Since the US election, markets have pondered which of his campaign promises Trump would actually enact as President. Even before his “America First” inauguration address, the mercurial President had already fluctuated his views on foreign and domestic policies, but maintained an overall consistent message on manufacturing and trade.

Insight 16.02.2017

Spotlight: China tightens modestly

What pitfalls and opportunities does this present?

Insight 14.02.2017

Spotlight: Navigating a Trump Presidency

President Donald Trump has moved quickly to enact his policy agenda outlined during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

UBP in the press 13.02.2017

Wealth planning on the rise

L'AGEFI. UBP has tripled its wealth planning headcount in five years. We spoke with Bertrand Binggeli, the department's co-head, whose focus is on after-tax returns.

UBP in the press 07.02.2017

Automatic exchange of information: a challenge to competitiveness

Le Temps - For several years now, establishing clients' tax residence and providing the documentation needed for them to fulfil their tax obligations in their country of origin has been part of the service offered by banks in Switzerland.