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UBP in der Presse 23.05.2018

Yes, I worried but I never wanted to give up

Financial Times (21.05.2018) - Interview - The UBP chief talks about the 2008 crisis, Madoff and prestigious takeovers

Analysen 09.05.2018

Navigating the coming ‘mini-cycle’ in the US Economy

Spotlight - Recession concerns appear overblown, though we do expect a ‘mini-cycle’ in the US economy in the months ahead.

UBP in der Presse 09.05.2018

FOMC increases its key rates by 25 bp (to 1.50– 1.75%), as expected

Views on the economy expressed in the statement are positive: moderate domestic growth, heathy labour market and rising inflation.

Analysen 02.05.2018

How emerging markets are dealing with higher US Treasury yields

The recent rise, through 3%, and to the highest level since 2013, has triggered a bit of a sell-off in emerging market assets. We’re thinking that US Treasury yields from here stabilise or they rise only gradually, and this’ll allow emerging market asset prices to go up again.

UBP in der Presse 01.05.2018

Europäische Regulierung und Meritokratie

Europäische Regulierung: Ist die Schweizer Tradition der Meritokratie gefährdet?

Analysen 27.04.2018

Is global growth peaking?

Confidence has returned to the markets and the beginning of the earnings season looks great, with several positive surprises. The IMF has presented its outlooks for 2018 and 2019 and they seem very upbeat: world growth is expected to come in at 3.9%.

Analysen 26.05.2017

The time is right for convertible bonds

The beginning of a trend

UBP in der Presse 14.09.2017

«Wir müssen definitiv härter arbeiten»

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) - Guy de Picciotto, Chef der Genfer Privatbank UBP, glaubt, dass die Finanzbranche ein neues Kapitel aufschlagen könne. Die Schwierigkeiten der Vergangenheit seien gelöst. Für die Banken bestehe nun die Chance, alte Stärken auszuspielen.

UBP in der Presse 12.09.2017

Fünf Fragen an Norman Villamin

NZZ am Sonntag (10.09.2017) - Interview with Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Private Banking and Head of Asset Allocation.

UBP in der Presse 26.04.2018

Emerging markets: watch out for the best practices

Views on the economy expressed in the statement are positive: moderate domestic growth, heathy labour market and rising inflation.

Analysen 25.04.2018

Spotlight - Energy sector: outperformance lies ahead

Having ended 2017 as one of the worst performing global sectors, sustained outperformance lies ahead for energy stocks in 2018. The underlying crude oil market is now undersupplied while inventory levels have fallen sharply. These supply-demand and inventory dynamics have historically translated into improving corporate profitability over the coming 12-24 months.

UBP in der Presse 17.04.2018

Die Gewinne der Privatbanken legten 2017 kräftig zu

Le Temps (16.04.2018) - Weshalb sind die Gewinne und die verwalteten Vermögen der Genfer Privatbanken im letzten Jahr so deutlich gestiegen? Guy de Picciotto, Chef der UBP, äussert sich zu den Trends, welche das Jahr 2017 prägten und die Zukunft bestimmen werden.

Analysen 17.04.2018

Value creation through responsible investment

UBP continues on its way to enhanced ESG investment standards
UBP in der Presse 16.04.2018

Asset TV Masterclass: Alternative Investments

With the correlation benefits of equities and bonds waning, investors are increasingly on the hunt for assets that act as true diversifiers. Olivier Marion, Head of Business Development & Senior Investment Specialist Alternative Investments at UBP, recently participated in an Asset TV Masterclass making the case for alternative investments.

Analysen 16.04.2018

Sustainable EM corporate debt

A new asset class for responsible investors
UBP in der Presse 12.04.2018

Consolidation spells opportunity for UBP

The Business Times (02.04.2018) - The Swiss family-owned private bank is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, and believes its investments in Asia have paid off.

UBP in der Presse 11.04.2018

Investing late in the economic cycle

A market context favourable to convertible bonds