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Das UBP Asset Management ist dank organischem Wachstum und ausgewählten Partnerschaften heute mit mehr als 200 Mitarbeitenden an den wichtigsten Finanzzentren der Welt präsent.

Institutionelle Kunden

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Ihr dynamischer Partner für flexible Investments und schnellen, zuverlässigen Service.

Institutionelle Kunden

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Impact investing - Contributing to a more sustainable future

What are the key features of impact investing?

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Im Asset Management für institutionelle Kunden gehört Union Bancaire Privée zu den Leadern

Institutionelle Kunden

Regulatorisches Umfeld - Transparenz

Transparenz und proaktive Anwendung neuer Vorschriften.

Pressemitteilungen 05.10.2022

UBP further expands governmental real estate offering

UBP has announced that it has acquired two properties totalling a surface area of 70,000 m2 in Belgium through a share purchase for its European governmental real estate strategy. The two buildings, rented by Belgium’s ministry of foreign affairs, are located in the centre of Brussels.

UBP in der Presse 21.10.2022

No energy transition without Asia leadership

South China Morning Post (09.2022) - The recent decision by China to suspend cooperation with the US on climate change comes at a very inopportune moment, given the increased realisation of the critical importance of Asia in the fight against climate change. If many commentators used to wonder if the region was a laggard in that area, the debate has now firmly moved on beyond that question.


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Analysen 08.12.2022

Navigating the ESG rating labyrinth

The ESG (environmental, social and governance) ratings industry is a growing market as more investors seek to manage the rising risks posed by non-financial issues.