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Expertise 19.03.2018

Rising fears of protectionism

Protectionism: a tax on growth

UBP dans la presse 16.03.2018

UBP fund selection chief: regulation saved my job

Citywire Selector - Many see growing regulatory obligations as an administrative nuisance but Didier Chan-Voc-Chun says the mounting burden has revived the job of fund selection.

Expertise 15.03.2018

Political uncertainty weighs on the yellow metal

Gold retreated at the end of last week as trade and geopolitical tensions seemed to abate following President Trump’s announcement.

Expertise 13.03.2018

Spotlight: Tariffs, a regime change in progress

Though markets breathed a sigh of relief following the announcement of US tariffs, investors should regard them as a transition to the next stage of the Trump presidency using the UBP ‘Start-Stop’ Framework. Continued US dollar weakness and a more sustained rise in volatility should characterise the next phase of the Trump administration. Capital protected and hedge fund strategies should help cushion portfolios looking ahead.

UBP dans la presse 07.03.2018

Saudi Arabia and Russia: new friends or temporary allies?

Russia’s more active role in the Middle East recently and its increasing contacts with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region have been hard to miss.

UBP dans la presse 01.03.2018

"Monaco est un centre financier en croissance"

Monaco For Finance (27.02.2018) - Michel Longhini était à Monaco pour rencontrer Thierry Garde, nouveau Responsable de la succursale monégasque de l’UBP. Monaco for Finance l’a interrogé à cette occasion.

Actualités les plus lues

Expertise 26.05.2017

Un contexte favorable aux convertibles

L’amorce d’une tendance.

UBP dans la presse 14.09.2017

Interview exclusive de Guy de Picciotto

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) - Guy de Picciotto, CEO de la banque privée UBP, est d’avis que l’industrie de la finance pourrait entamer un nouveau chapitre. Les problèmes du passé sont résolus. Les banques ont désormais la chance de tirer parti de leurs atouts historiques.

UBP dans la presse 12.09.2017

Five questions to Norman Villamin

NZZ am Sonntag (10.09.2017) - Interview with Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Private Banking and Head of Asset Allocation.

Communiqués de presse 28.02.2018

Offre ESG: nouvelle stratégie obligataire centrée sur les marchés émergents

UBP enrichit sa gamme de solutions d’investissement sur les marchés obligataires émergents avec le lancement d’une nouvelle stratégie. La Banque confirme ainsi le renforcement de son approche vis-à-vis de l’investissement responsable et sa volonté de développer une offre répondant à des critères ESG (environnementaux, sociaux et de gouvernance).
Expertise 27.02.2018

Five questions from the road

The high volatility of recent weeks likely represents a regime shift from the low volatility environment of 2017. For bond-focused investors, it means continued diversification away from not only interest rate risk but increasingly, seeking alternative drivers to ongoing narrowing of spreads. For equity investors, high volatility brings opportunities in conservatively structured products while capitalising upon the still strong earnings growth around the world.

UBP dans la presse 26.02.2018

Élections italiennes: un tournant pour la croissance du pays

Fondi e Sicav (26.02.2018) - Une coalition fragile pourrait constituer un réel frein aux performances économiques futures.

Expertise 22.02.2018

Strong fundamentals to help overcome recent market volatility

Since the beginning of the year, investors’ concerns over a return of inflation have come back to the fore and triggered a sharp sell-off in US Treasury bonds. Investors were initially unfazed, as this move reflected solid US growth prospects.

Expertise 21.02.2018

Asian markets welcome the Year of the Dog

From the Desk of a Fund Manager (February 2018): New Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s first day on the job saw him take up the post following an unexpected pick-up in US wage data in January.

Expertise 20.02.2018

The reasons behind the oil price correction

WTI oil prices are flat year-to-date after having seen the best start to a year in over a decade and reaching a 3-year high of USD 66.5 in mid-January.

Communiqués de presse 15.02.2018

Nouveau CEO à la tête d'UBP Zurich

L’Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) annonce la nomination d’Adrian Künzi en qualité de CEO de sa succursale de Zurich et Responsable de la Région Europe du Nord au sein de la division Private Banking à compter du 1er mars 2018.

UBP dans la presse 15.02.2018

Convertible bonds: it’s time to be tactical

As we enter 2018 after a record year, one question is on everyone’s lips: what can be reasonably expected from here?