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Wealth planning solutions

Wealth planning solutions

UBP believes that developing wealth planning services offers real added value to private clients, as they enable the Bank to provide guidance on a global approach to wealth management.

Our approach consists of identifying and understanding developments in the global tax and regulatory environment and adapting our range for our international private clients who request it. The combination of this “top-down” (generic to specific) approach and a rigorous methodology that analyses risks and needs enables us to define, together with our private clients, their personal advisors and external experts, the best-suited wealth planning strategy for these clients.

Regional specialisation

UBP’s wealth planners are high-level, senior experts. They specialise in particular regions and cover some thirty countries, enabling them to offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of local environments to their ultra-high-net-worth clients. The aim is to support and steer clients, together with their personal advisors and external experts, towards a tailor‐made approach and the best‐suited wealth‐structuring strategies. The latter cover every one of UBP’s booking centres, along with other key segments, such as IAMs and family offices.

A dedicated service

Our wealth planning services are geared towards private clients who want to optimise tax planning in a legitimate way, see their wealth grow, and pass it safely on to future generations. In order to provide our private clients with the best solutions for their financial situation and to respond to their specific needs and objectives, we work together with their personal advisors and external experts to offer personalised consultations along with tailor-made professional advice.

The relationship that we have developed with our private clients is built on respect and trust, and is developed for the long term. Our services are put together to cover all major events in the lives of our clients and their families.

More specifically, we can provide guidance on the following subjects:

  • Estate assessment
  • Consolidation of assets
  • Tax planning (including cross-border issues)
  • Wealth structuring
  • Asset protection
  • Ownership and controlling strategy
  • Estate planning
  • Relocation
  • Private insurance
  • Family matters and governance
  • Philanthropy
  • Family offices

A range of high-added-value services

At UBP, the Wealth Planning team has adopted a global approach to this area of expertise. It not only covers guidance on wealth and estate planning and tax issues, but it also takes care, at a client’s request, of the tax implications relating to portfolio management and a product’s tax treatment. When requested to do so by clients, we can analyse, with the help of external experts if needed, the tax regimes of given financial products, as well as wealth‐structuring solutions, such as dedicated funds and life‐insurance products. This is a unique extension of the team’s area of expertise.

At UBP, we always strive to accompany each client by providing unbiased guidance and a top-quality service. The Bank’s Wealth Planning team maintains close contact with specially-selected highly qualified tax and law firms, as well as external providers that undergo a stringent due-diligence process. This allows the team to offer clients a range of robustly researched, impartial options.

Other services

  • UBP has developed precise and complete account segregation for UK clients who are non-domiciled residents.
  • The Bank has also set up specific tax reporting protocols for several jurisdictions.
  • The Bank offers dedicated support to families that want to establish their own single-family office or consider the use of a multi-family office.

Pure-play private banking

We specialise in wealth management and are one of the biggest players in this field globally.

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