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Is the Brexit an opportunity or a challenge for Switzerland?

It is very difficult to say with any certainty what collateral damage Brexit will cause. The result of the 23 June referendum not only marks the start of a new kind of political crisis, but more importantly represents an epoch-making change and the start of a new phase of European history.


Portfolios welcome back hedge funds

Mediocre performances, high fees, a lack of transparency: hedge funds are regularly maligned and simplistically cast in a grim light by their detractors. However, this view is a complete contradiction of the growing upswing in interest that has been seen by observers not only in the United States, where it has remained relatively high in recent years, but also, more recently, in Europe and in Asia, where only Japan is still the exception.

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Head of Media Relations
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Assets under management 31.12.2015

110.0 CHF bn

Net profit 31.12.2015

25.2 CHF mn

Annualised return on equity 31.12.2015

1.3 %

UBP Experts


Norman Villamin

CIO Private Banking & Head of Investment Services, Treasury and Trading (Zurich Branch)

Norman Villamin is head of Investment Services. He has over twenty years’ experience managing wealth both on an advisory and discretionary basis for top companies in the financial industry. He joined the Bank in 2015.

He speaks English.


Patrice Gautry

Chief Economist

Patrice has been UBP’s Chief Economist for over fifteen years and has nearly thirty years’ experience in macroeconomics and investment strategy.

He speaks French and English.


Christel Rendu de Lint

Global and absolute return fixed income
Head of Fixed Income

Christel has twenty years’ experience in economics and investments, and is a specialist in developed bond markets. She has worked at the IMF and for the UK Treasury.

She speaks French and English.


Denis Girault

Global and absolute return fixed income
Head of Fixed Income

Denis has over 25 years of professional experience within the investment banking and financial industry, including 15 as emerging markets fixed income specialist.

He speaks French and English.


Koon Chow

Emerging markets - EM Macro and FX Strategist

Koon joined UBP’s emerging markets fixed income team in Jan. 2015. He has eighteen years’ experience working on emerging markets. Prior to joining UBP, he was head of EM Strategy at Barclays. Speaks English.


Nicolas Delrue

Convertibles - Head of Investment Specialists, and investment specialist convertible bonds

Nicolas heads the Bank’s team of investment specialists. He also specialises in convertible bonds for which he is a senior investment specialist. Speaks French/English.


Scott Meech

European equities
Senior Portfolio Manager

Scott has over twenty-three years of investment experience. Scott was a founder employee of Threadneedle, where he managed equity income funds and UK institutional portfolios.

He speaks English.


Eleanor Taylor Jolidon

Swiss and global equities - Head of Swiss Equity

Eleanor has more than twenty years’ investment experience on the sell- and buy-sides, of which she spent fifteen focussing specifically on the Swiss equity market. She speaks French, English and German.


Mathieu Nègre

Global emerging equities - Head of Global Emerging Equities

Mathieu has over seventeen years’ experience in portfolio management and investments, including fourteen years covering emerging markets. He is the head of UBP’s Global Emerging Equities team. Speaks French/English.


Cédric Le Berre

US/Japanese equities
Senior Analyst

Cédric has over thirteen years’ experience in fund research and is responsible for representing our external managers. He specialises in US and Japanese equities.

He speaks French, English and Chinese.

Hong Kong

Christopher Chu

Asian equities
Fund Manager

Christopher is a fund manager for Asian Equities based in Hong Kong. He has extensive investment experience with both buy- and sell-side firms. Christopher joined UBP in 2014.

He speaks English and Chinese.


Erasmo Rodriguez

Energy and utilities - Equity Analyst

Erasmo is a senior financial analyst covering the energy and utilities sectors. Erasmo has over thirty years' experience in investment, including over fifteen years as an energy, utilities and commodities specialist. Speaks Spanish/French/English.


Névine Pollini

Materials and industrials - Equity Analyst

Névine is a senior financial analyst. She is responsible for our coverage of the global basic materials sector, commodities, and industrials. She has twenty years’ experience in investment.

She speaks French, English and Arabic.

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