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Company culture and values

The commitment demonstrated by UBP’s staff bears witness to the Bank’s unique corporate culture; this was inspired by its founder, who imbued the Bank with his family values. In just half a century, UBP has become a highly successful company, bringing together ethical and cultural qualities to achieve this. Today, this subtle combination enables it to count itself among the most important players in international wealth management.


Dedication; conviction; agility; responsibility. These four key values express UBP’s determination to achieve its objectives and to respond to its clients’ expectations, as well as work in their best interests. Day-to-day, this is embodied by all our staff, as these values inspire and guide them in everything they do, across all their professions.


Finding the best solution whatever the circumstances demands constant dedication and a client-centred approach. To achieve this, UBP’s staff work tirelessly and earnestly, with open minds and a can-do approach so as to satisfy every last detail of our clients’ needs. The demands we make of our people, both in terms of service and performance, is exactly what clients expect from their bank.


UBP’s long-term vision enables the Bank to make choices based on strong convictions – an advantage that has served to grow both its own business as well as that of its clients. One only needs to look at the Bank’s rapid growth to see how, today, it has earned the respect and recognition of its peers, as well as the ability to offer its clients investment solutions that are innovative and performance-oriented.


Thanks to its size and structure, UBP guarantees quick decision-making and agility enabling it to successfully carry out large-scale operations and seize investment opportunities when they appear on the markets. These features, which benefit both the Bank and its clients, are key elements in UBP’s success.


At every level and in everything it does, UBP ensures that integrity, ethics and fairness prevail. At UBP, responsibility is an integral value, both for individuals and the Bank as a whole. Above all, it is an indispensible precondition for the flawless execution of its profession.

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