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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your goals and aspirations are unique – so is our Discretionary Portfolio Management service. Expectations have changed in recent years; investors want to be involved in all strategic investment decisions.

If you are looking for a partner to preserve and grow your assets over time, our investment specialists are there for you. Through our strategic capabilities and extensive investment solutions we deliver a service that’s tailored to your personal requirements.

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management approach


We live in a period of disruption and rapid change that affects each investor in a different way. Our approach is based on understanding your goals and aspirations, fully integrating them into our investment strategy. Thus, your portfolio becomes a true reflection of who you are.


At UBP, we help our clients obtain better outcomes through a range of goal-based investment solutions designed to cater to each individual need.

Conviction and agility

Conviction and agility are core values at UBP. They are what drives us to innovate and create an impact, allowing us to set clear long-term objectives while remaining nimble during episodes of short-term uncertainty.

Wealth preservation

At UBP, our history, vision and mission are about preserving wealth. This has been the foundation of the trust between the Bank and its clients for decades. It represents the bedrock of the Bank’s proprietary risk management approach.

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management services

UBP has developed two Discretionary Portfolio Management services to create the best solution for each of our clients.

U Asset Allocation

Meeting your investment management needs via a single diversified investment platform accessible through a unitised fund designed to match your risk appetite.

The UBP U Asset Allocation investment solutions are built on the proprietary UBP investment process to help meet your wealth objectives via a single, dynamic investment. This range draws on UBP’s long-standing expertise in managing discretionary portfolios for high-net-worth individuals and can include Sustainable and Responsible Investment strategies.

The U Asset Allocation solutions give you the flexibility to invest across geographies, asset classes and instruments. The specially designed fund structures are transparent and crafted to comply with tax regimes across a variety of jurisdictions.

The U Asset Allocation range encompasses 6 investment profiles:

Bespoke investment solutions

Meeting your investment objectives through a range of goal-based investment solutions designed to cater for your individual needs, backed up by a highly personalised level of service.

In the current context, clients increasingly focus on achieving specific goals and require a tailored investment philosophy to meet them. UBP’s expertise in bespoke solutions allows us to design the innovative goal-oriented investments best suited to your specific needs, offering you the right level of interaction.

The foundation of this approach is an open, transparent and regular dialogue around the strategic aims of the portfolio, our convictions, and your requirements as they evolve over time.

UBP has devised a range of bespoke mandates to fulfil multiple outcomes for you, from wealth preservation to capital growth, while keeping risk management at the heart of the asset allocation process.

  • UBP Bespoke Asset Allocation Mandates provide strategic diversification across asset classes exhibiting different risk/return profiles, as well as exposure to high-conviction investments.
  • UBP Bespoke Target Return Mandates give investment solutions to achieve your predefined target return based on our estimate of the economic and broad market context in the next five years.
  • UBP Bespoke Responsible Investment Asset Allocation Mandates allow you to align your investments with your personal values while generating sustainable, long-term returns.
  • UBP Bespoke Fixed Income: In these times of ultra-low interest rates, active management is essential to produce a regular and consistent income. This is why UBP’s Bespoke expert team takes a global approach to fixed-income investing. Focusing on credit and interest rate instruments, our fixed income solutions emphasise capital preservation and income generation to match individual levels of risk tolerance.
  • UBP Multi-Asset Income: The Bespoke Multi-Asset Income Mandate is a global, actively managed strategy. It targets a sustainable and competitive income stream across a broad range of asset classes, while preserving real purchasing power and carefully managing risk.
  • UBP Equity Quality Income: The Bespoke Equity Quality Income Mandate is an actively managed equity portfolio. It aims to maximise total returns, including capital and dividend appreciation, using quantitative screening and qualitative analysis to identify high dividend-paying stocks with the potential for future growth.

The products or services mentioned are provided as general information only and are not intended to provide investment or other advice. Not all products or services described are available in all jurisdictions. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

For full disclaimer, please refer to UBP legal disclaimer.

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