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Engaging with our communities

Engaging with our communities

UBP has a long tradition of engaging and supporting the communities in those regions in which we operate. For many years, we have sponsored cultural, educational and medical research. In addition, we organise and participate in solidarity projects that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes.

Employee engagement and sponsorship 

UBP encourages employees to support charity work, giving them one day of leave per year to help a charitable cause of their choice. A dedicated online platform connects UBP employees with local and international charities that run high-impact projects. Employees can offer these charities their skills, provide on-the-ground support or make donations. This approach allows employees to support causes they truly care about and use their unique skills to make a valuable contribution. 

Given the significant societal impacts of the pandemic, UBP has recently made significant donations to hospitals and organisations that are on the front line of the fight against COVID-19, aiming to accelerate the economic recovery, support caregivers and hospitals, and drive innovation and medical research. However, UBP has also continued to support other pressing medical issues, for example by raising money for cancer research.

In education, UBP’s Hong Kong branch has been running a programme aimed at encouraging literacy in disadvantaged areas since 2018. UBP also supports cultural ventures, focusing on artistic creation and young talent by helping institutions and artists in the fields of theatre, classical music and cinema.

Responsible Procurement Policy

As a buyer of a wide range of products and services, UBP can influence the business practices of its suppliers. In order to match our own ethical standards, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct based on UBP’s core values, applicable regulations and the UN Global Compact’s principles.

Supplier Code of Conduct


Community engagement: UBP teams up with Alaya

As part of its sponsorship and charity work, UBP regularly provides support for a wide range of social, cultural and educational projects, both in Geneva and around the world.

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For several years now, the Bank, its managers and its funds have regularly received awards from independent research institutes.

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