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Private Markets Group

Private Markets Group

The Private Markets Group (PMG) is a UBP department dedicated to qualified investors driven by an entrepreneurial mindset and institutional investors willing to diversify their asset allocation beyond traditional investment categories. We identify, analyse and offer access to exclusive private-market investment opportunities. Clients can then either make their own selections or give us a mandate to invest on their behalf.

The Private Markets Group’s mission

  • Provide access to exclusive investment opportunities
  • Select under-the-radar, niche strategies with compelling performance
  • Run dedicated, private market programmes and mandates
  • Actively manage and monitor investments towards successful exits


What are private markets?

Private markets refer to assets that are not traded on a public exchange, are illiquid, and are spread across different segments, such as real estate, private equity, private debt, and infrastructure. The investment universe is broader than public markets.

Why invest in private markets?

  • Illiquidity premium
  • Long-term strategic orientation
  • Flexibility around timing of entry and exit
  • Valuations unaffected by market noise
  • Increased resilience during downturns

Characteristics of a typical PMG investment







Exclusive access

Supportive macro

Steady cash-flows Strong team and governance Easy to understand business model Positive social / climate impact

Key Figures

  • Group creation: 2015
  • Team members: 35
  • Total equity raised: + CHF 4.0 billion

Global PMG presence

Map_PMG_2023.jpg (CARTE Site UBP - TOUTES LANGUES 2021_NoNassau)

Private Clients

The Private Markets Group makes unique private market investment opportunities available to UBP clients. We bring transactions of institutional quality to private clients, focusing on the small/mid-cap segment where higher returns can be achieved, with due diligence being a paramount consideration.

Selected strategies (non-exhaustive list)


Legal / structuring expertise

  • Structure analysis: Efficient and rigorous legal assessment of investments
  • Structure set-up: Providing structuring expertise when required

Investment Monitoring

PMG’s monitoring activity, which covers the entire lifespan of our investments, is aimed at ensuring that those investments are in line with the initial business plan, and that investors are paid any distributions and provided with material information in a timely manner, with our strategies being adapted as and when necessary.

Institutional Clients

PMG’s approach for institutional clients focuses on differentiated strategies across real estate, infrastructure, private debt, and private equity. These strategies are either managed in-house or via exclusive partnerships with seasoned managers.

Selected Strategies


 Governmental real estate

  • Attractive yield: large spread over government bonds
  • Strength and resilience of the tenants/counterparties
  • High renewal probability: focus on mission-critical assets

 Transition infrastructure

  • Predictable cash flows with long-term visibility
  • Resilient business models with high barriers to entry
  • Low volatility: returns uncorrelated to other asset classes

 Affordable housing financing

  • Defensive strategy: clear undersupply of affordable housing
  • Attractive yield due to reduced bank lending (e.g. UK)
  • Exclusive transactions: off-market proprietary origination

 Impact private equity

  • Strong value creation with compelling target returns
  • Diversified growth equity portfolio tackling climate change
  • Transparent impact measurement process and reporting


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With a team of more than 200 people, UBP Asset Management has built an on-the-ground presence in the world’s major markets through organic growth and selected partnerships.

Global Head of Private Markets

Brice Thionnet

Brice heads UBP's Private Markets Group which gives access to exclusive investment opportunities in all private market spaces.

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