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Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income

Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income

Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income team is a multi-award winning team, managing more than USD 20 bn worth of assets1 across global fixed income markets through mutual funds and bespoke mandates.

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With its range of solutions including Cash Enhanced, Absolute Return, Total Return, Investment Grade Corporate and High Income strategies, the team’s top-down macroeconomic identity and strong focus on liquidity have been the main source of added value in helping our clients achieve their investment objectives.

The team manages an innovative suite of investment solutions using liquid credit instruments to meet investors’ needs in gaining access to high-yield and investment-grade markets.

They have also developed a suite of fixed income strategies dedicated to Swiss investors with the aim of optimising income in Swiss francs with moderate maturity and no currency risk.

Key strategies

  • Global High Yield: An award-winning strategy with exposure to high yield via liquid credit instruments and limited interest rate exposure.
  • Global Hybrid Debt: Expertise in subordinated debt across financial and non-financial segments, including corporate hybrids, Tier 2, Tier 1 and Additional Tier 1
  • Absolute Return and Total Return: Flexible global allocation strategies across fixed income segments targeting high Sharpe ratios and contained drawdowns
  • Swiss-Dedicated Strategies: Optimising income in Swiss francs with a moderate maturity, no currency exposure and an investment-grade profile
  • Cash Enhanced: Excess return over cash deposit rates with low volatility investing mainly in short-dated floating-rate notes
  • Corporate Investment Grade: Exposure to investment-grade credit markets and moderately to interest rates, with a large capitalisation bias and a top-down approach
  • Private Debt: Global private debt exposure – direct lending (senior and mezzanine) with liquidity features in collaboration with leading private investment firm Partners Group

Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income’s offering overview


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Head of Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income

Philippe Gräub

Philippe joined UBP in 2007 as Senior Portfolio Manager. Previously, he was Senior Portfolio Manager at Pictet Asset Management. He holds an MSc in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and an MSc in Financial Mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. He is also CFA charterholder.

1. Source: UBP, as at 31 January 2019
2. The above-mentioned targets/limits/objectives are to be considered over the minimum recommended investment period and do not constitute a commitment as there can be no assurance that they will be achieved. They are subject to the realisation of UBP’s market assumptions and can by no means be considered a guarantee of future performance.

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