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Convertible bonds

Convertible bonds

UBP has been active in the management of convertible bond strategies since 1999. Our solutions are designed to capitalise on the most attractive features of convertible bonds – notably, their unique asymmetric risk–return pay-off. Combining bond- and equity-like features, convertible bonds allow meaningful participation in equity markets’ rise and effective downside risk mitigation.

Over the past 20 years, UBP has developed a broad offering of European, global and responsible convertible bond strategies in order to grant investors access to the richness and diversity offered by the asset class
For all our strategies, convertible bonds’ convexity is the key feature that is always at the core of our investment approach. With a team of nine dedicated professionals, UBP is a major player in the convertible bond space.


  • An all-weather asset class to navigate through different market conditions
  • A unique combination of bond- and equity-like features, allowing for an asymmetric risk–return profile over the long run
  • An attractive way to invest in superior growth stocks with reduced volatility
  • Significantly reduced interest rate sensitivity vs. similar straight bond investments
  • An equity exposure at a much lower regulatory cost thanks to the mechanism of convexity


Investment philosophy & process

Our convertible bond strategies are managed using a unique and dedicated bottom-up process, built on the following key pillars:

  • In-depth fundamental analysis of the underlying equity as a performance-driver
  • Close attention paid to credit quality to maximise downside mitigation potential
  • Long-term management to generate value in different market cycles

Investment Manager

Marc Basselier

Marc Basselier joined UBP as Head of Convertible Bonds in December 2018. Before that he headed up AXA IM’s global and European convertible bond strategies team for over fifteen years.

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Marc Basselier

Convertible bonds add valuable convexity to your portfolio

Convertible bonds add valuable convexity to your portfolio

Recorded on 05.04.2021


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