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Investment expertise

Emerging Market Fixed Income

Emerging Market Fixed Income

UBP offers a selected range of emerging market fixed income long-only and unconstrained strategies across corporate, sustainable corporate and sovereign bonds.

Our active management relies on thorough, in-house macroeconomic, credit and ESG research, to combine top-down allocation and bottom-up selection, a powerful investment approach to uncover and take advantage of the attractive investment opportunities offered by this asset class.

Our product offering includes unique strategies like an emerging market investment-grade corporate bond strategy, a frontier bond strategy, and a short-duration strategy, as well as an emerging market dedicated sustainable corporate bond strategy, in line with UBP’s commitment to responsible investment.


  • Access to the fastest-growing markets in the world
  • Attractive yields compared to developed markets
  • High diversification potential

Investment philosophy & process

Our emerging market fixed income investment philosophy focuses on creating long-term value for our investors. In order to achieve that, we aim to identify investment opportunities among corporate, sovereign and frontier issuers, across the entire investment cycle. Our robust and transparent investment process has proven able to deliver strong risk-adjusted performance over time.

Decisions are based on rigorous in-house fundamental macro, credit and ESG research using quantitative and qualitative analysis and applying due diligence to all relevant risk factors. In addition, we put high emphasis on diversification, liquidity and risk management.

The team

The team, headed by Sergio Trigo Paz, consists of portfolio managers and Investment & ESG analysts dedicated to emerging market fixed income. 


Head of Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Thomas Christiansen

Thomas has 15 years of industry experience, with 7 years as an emerging market fixed income fund manager. Prior to joining UBP in 2017, he worked as an EM Debt portfolio manager at Nordea Asset Management and BlackRock Financial Management before that.


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With a team of more than 200 people, UBP Asset Management has built an on-the-ground presence in the world’s major markets through organic growth and selected partnerships.

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