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Institutional Clients

Values and DNA

(this page is for institutional clients only)

Values and DNA
Asset Management

UBP Institutional Clients unit is the marketing centre dedicated to our institutional clients

Our strength is built on three main pillars:

  • Agility: We pay close attention to clients’ needs, so as to be able to offer the best solution within a highly competitive timeframe.
  • Providing a selected range of actively managed strategies: these are geared towards clients’ needs and can be collective products, tailored mandates or wholly dedicated funds.
  • Integrated business model: Our Asset Management teams work together with our local sales teams to create strong relationships. Sales are supported by experienced marketing and client-services teams.

Why invest with UBP?

UBP has built up a leading position in the management of assets for institutional clients because we are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding investors. We have established successful, long-term relationships with a range of institutional clients, including pension funds, corporates, insurance companies, multi-managers, and leading fund distributors around the globe.

Customised investment solutions

In addition to our range of open funds, UBP offers clients optimal solutions at every stage of the market cycle, and helps design custom-made investment portfolios, tailored to its clients’ individual requirements, objectives and risk profiles, across all asset classes.

Asset Management talent

The Bank’s core advantage lies in the quality of its experienced Asset Management teams, which are often singled out by industry professionals

An adaptive structure

We maintain a low portfolio-to-manager ratio. Our tailor-made offering requires our Asset Management teams to give their full attention to each client. Depending on the asset class, we can also structure relatively small portfolios.

Fast set-up, effective follow-up

We favour a responsive, flexible approach: the decision-making process is quick, so we can seize the best opportunities as they appear.

Market-leading client service:

  • Understanding your needs in a changing environment
  • Adapting to your specific constraints
  • Communicating on targeted investment ideas
  • Providing value-added reporting, including attribution analysis

In addition to your dedicated Client Relationship Manager, you also have access to UBP’s Investment Specialists to discuss your portfolio, market insights, bespoke risk-management and tailor-made fund structures.


Before any investment is made for tailored mandates, we determine our investors’ requirements and establish an appropriate fee scale. Our fees are set on an individual service, and may involve a combination of flat rates and performance-related fees.

Our areas of expertise

Investment Expertise

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