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Expertise 15.03.2022

Asia: Rising energy prices will hasten policy tightening in the region

Even though Asian economies have not endorsed sanctions, the Russia–Ukraine conflict will still have major impacts on the macroeconomic backdrop in the region.

UBP dans la presse 10.03.2022

“Hong Kong and Singapore is Not a Zero-Sum Game”

Finews (09.03.2022) - UBP’s Asia business saw equally strong contributions from Hong Kong and Singapore during the pandemic, the bank’s regional chief executive Michael Blake told finews.asia, underlining that success from the dual hubs need not come at the expense of one another.

Expertise 09.03.2022

Pourquoi et comment investir dans les marchés privés ?

Des taux d'intérêt historiquement bas et des valorisations boursières élevées ont déclenché des flux d'investissement sans précédent en direction des marchés privés.

Corporate 09.03.2022

UBP receives Climetrics award for environmental performance in emerging markets equity

CDP’s Climetrics has independently awarded our Positive Impact Emerging Equity strategy a distinction for environmental performance in emerging market equity.

UBP dans la presse 08.03.2022

Les défis d’une acquisition à l’heure de la consolidation bancaire

Le Temps (07.03.2022) - La place financière suisse compte chaque année un peu moins de banques privées et, avec la vague de fusions-acquisitions de 2021, leur nombre est passé sous le seuil symbolique de la centaine.

Expertise 07.03.2022

Ghosts of the 1970s

Nearly 50 years ago, a long simmering conflict reignited with the Fourth Arab-Israeli War culminating in a global energy shock and kicking off the 1970s stagflationary era.

Communiqués de presse 07.03.2022

L’UBP propose une nouvelle stratégie ESG en dette souveraine locale

L’Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) annonce avoir étoffé son offre en obligations des marchés émergents avec une nouvelle stratégie ESG centrée sur la dette souveraine en devises locales.

Communiqués de presse 03.03.2022

UBP partners with CRUX AM to strengthen Asia equity investment offering

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (“UBP”, or “the Bank”) and leading London-based boutique investment manager CRUX Asset Management (“CRUX”) today announce their strategic partnership to strengthen the Bank’s Asia equity investment offering.

Actualités les plus lues

Expertise 15.06.2022

Investment Outlook 2022 – mid-year update

The investment landscape has changed substantially in the last six months: conflict has broken out in Ukraine, leading to various geopolitical and social ramifications, and inflationary pressure has been rising and remains a concern across many regions.

Communiqués de presse 18.07.2022

Résultats semestriels 2022

L’Union Bancaire Privée annonce un bénéfice net de CHF 112,6 millions au premier semestre 2022

Corporate 29.09.2022

UBP supports Building Bridges 2022

UBP once again supported Building Bridges, Switzerland’s leading sustainable finance conference, organised by Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) in collaboration with Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF).

Expertise 03.03.2022

UBP and Blue Earth Capital seal strategic partnership and hold a successful first closing for Climate Growth Strategy

BlueEarth’s Climate Growth Strategy aims to support growth companies which address global environmental challenges in areas such as energy transition, electrification, industrial process optimisation and the circular economy.

Expertise 02.03.2022

Russia-Ukraine conflict: challenges and implications for investors

Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Wealth Management, and Patrice Gautry, UBP Chief Economist, hosted a special webinar to discuss the investment implications of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Expertise 25.02.2022

Russia–Ukraine tensions and rising commodity prices

In the wake of rising geopolitical tensions surrounding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, UBP’s Senior Economist Asia, Carlos Casanova, shares his thoughts about the impact on Asian and global financial markets.

Expertise 23.02.2022

Asian tech: coming of age

For much of the past decade, Asia technology investors were enthralled with China’s consumer-facing tech companies due to their strong and visible growth.

Expertise 16.02.2022

China: Additional policy support to spur activity after Winter Olympics

The macroeconomic backdrop will remain challenging in Q1-22. However, we will likely see an inflexion point following the much-anticipated policy pivot. GDP growth to accelerate from 3.0% y/y in Q1-22 to 5.0% on average in 2022.

Expertise 14.02.2022

Time to look at floating-rate notes

In this interview Mohammed Kazmi sets out to Bernard McGrath his case for investing in floating-rate notes as a way to reduce portfolio exposure to interest rates and gain from widely expected Fed rate hikes in the months ahead.

Expertise 14.02.2022

Energy transition: a complex but compelling challenge

The energy transition will require major investment and concerted political will to deliver on net-zero targets.

Communiqués de presse 10.02.2022

L'UBP étend ses activités sur les marchés privés

L’Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) renforce son pôle immobilier au sein de son département consacré aux activités sur les marchés privés, Private Markets Group (PMG), avec le recrutement d’une équipe spécialisée dans l’immobilier gouvernemental, et le lancement d’une première stratégie centrée sur l’immobilier gouvernemental.