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UBP dans la presse 11.01.2023

Les fonds alternatifs entrent dans une nouvelle ère

L'Agefi (16.12.2022) - Dans l’ombre lorsque les taux étaient bas, l’investissement alternatif revient sur le devant de la scène alors que les marchés ont peiné en 2022. Entretien avec Kier Boley, de l’UBP.

Expertise 09.01.2023

The case for Chinese onshore convertible bonds

The Chinese onshore convertible bond market is the second-largest in the world. It has soared dramatically since early 2017 due to regulatory changes promoting more transparent financing. It is dominated by mid- and large-cap names offering diversified and balanced exposure to domestic Chinese growth.

Expertise 06.01.2023

COP15: Un accord historique, qui doit se traduire en actions concrètes

Le second volet de la COP15 (Conférence des Nations Unies sur la biodiversité), attendu de longue date, s’est achevé sur un accord important, le ‘Cadre mondial de la biodiversité de Kunming-Montréal’ (CMB), avec à la clé plusieurs engagements significatifs.

UBP dans la presse 04.01.2023

Vers un changement de cycle

Paperjam (12.2022) - Pour Patrice Gautry, Chef Economiste de l’Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), 2023 devrait marquer le début d’un nouveau cycle qu’il espère basé sur des fondations plus saines que le cycle actuel. Cela va prendre encore quelques mois. En attendant, il estime que les obligations retrouvent un intérêt réel.

UBP dans la presse 20.12.2022

«La sélection des actions et la gestion active seront à nouveau très intéressantes»

Le Temps (12.2022) - Pour Norman Villamin, responsable des investissements pour la gestion de fortune à l’Union Bancaire Privée, l’année 2023 devrait être moins difficile que celle en cours pour les investisseurs. Même s’il faudra rester prudents car les risques ont augmenté.

Expertise 13.12.2022

A currency overview for 2023

As we approach the beginning of a new year, UBP’s Global Head of Forex Strategy Peter Kinsella gives us an overview of the key currency trends to look out for in the next phase of the cycle as inflation starts easing and monetary policy tightening peaks.

Expertise 08.12.2022

Navigating the ESG rating labyrinth

The ESG (environmental, social and governance) ratings industry is a growing market as more investors seek to manage the rising risks posed by non-financial issues.

Expertise 02.12.2022

Weathering the coming economic storms

With clouds gathering on the investment horizon, UBP’s CIO looks at how to navigate the coming storms

UBP dans la presse 28.11.2022

Constructive outlook for precious metals

Finanz und Wirtschaft (11.2022) - In recent weeks, prices for most of the main precious metals have risen: gold has gone from just above USD 1,600 to over USD 1,700 per oz, silver from lows of USD 18.50 to around USD 21.30, and platinum from USD 850 to around USD 1,000.

Expertise 23.11.2022

Perspectives d’investissement 2023 UBP

Les experts de l’UBP livrent leurs vues d’investissement pour l’année à venir dans le cadre de notre roadshow sur le thème «Savoir maintenir l’équilibre».

Expertise 22.11.2022

Can investors begin to integrate nature-related financial risks?

“Nature-related financial risks are material and can begin to be assessed today. By integrating data about nature loss into risk assessments, the indispensability of our natural world starts to be reflected in financial decisions.” Grant Rudgley, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Expertise 18.11.2022

Wealth planning is all about knowing your client

Catch our podcast featuring two of our Luxembourg colleagues discussing the skills needed for the job of wealth planner and the exciting challenges and highlights of their day-to-day.

UBP dans la presse 18.11.2022

Middle East now a core part of UBP’s business

Asian Private Banker (08.11.2022) - AUM of more than US$10 billion means the Middle East is now a core part of the UBP group, according to Mohamed Abdellatif, who oversees its business there.

Expertise 17.11.2022

A look back on 2022: changing dynamics for global equities

UBP’s experts share observations on a volatile year for global equity markets in a new podcast episode.

Expertise 11.11.2022

A post-pandemic guide to equity investing

High inflation and aggressive rate hikes by central banks have significantly destabilised equity markets, with the Russia–Ukraine war adding further stress. In this challenging environment, the disciplined search for value-creating companies in all market conditions remains key.

Expertise 03.11.2022

Three takeaways from China’s 20th Communist Party Congress

The Chinese Communist Party holds a congress every five years. It is the main platform to observe changes in the country's leadership and ideology. But the 20th congress was even more important than usual.