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Corporate Ratings

Corporate Ratings

Our prudent and rigorous approach to risk and balance-sheet management has helped make us one of the best-capitalised banks in the sector. Our Moody’s rating attests to our solidity, as do our ratios under Basel III – international accords ensuring a resilient banking system – which are well above regulatory requirements.

Moody’s ratings

In an endorsement of our firm foundations and low credit risk, rating agency Moody’s has assigned UBP a Long-Term Deposit Rating of Aa2 with stable outlook, which was reviewed and confirmed in July 2023.

Here is a breakdown of our ratings :

Long-Term Deposit Rating                        Aa2

Short-Term Deposit Rating                        P-1

Senior Unsecured Debt Rating                  A2

 Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment      a1

Outlook                                                Stable


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