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Investment expertise

Multi-management & fund research

Multi-management & fund research

Union Bancaire Privée sets itself apart with its capacity to foster long-term partnerships and its preference for a truly open architecture. UBP stands out from its peers as it uses the best vehicles in the market to build its multi-management funds of funds.

Investment case and philosophy

No single organisation has the resources and expertise to outperform consistently in every market, which is why open architecture offers real added value to our clients. Skilful managers have certain identifiable characteristics; recognising and gaining access to these managers requires dedicated focus, extensive experience, and considerable resources.

To ensure full coverage, asset classes and geographical regions are divided up among the team members. This is underpinned by:

  • A transparent and intuitive manager selection methodology;
  • A rigorous due diligence process;
  • A well-honed approach to blending best-of-breed managers;
  • A strict monitoring process, to ensure that the selected managers keep to their stated investment processes and produce returns in line with expectations.

Investment team

One of UBP’s key skills is its manager selection – it has worked with an open architecture for over twenty years.

  • A five-member team dedicated to funds selection and multi-management.
  • Each member has over ten years of experience.
  • The team benefits from the strong network of resources within UBP.
  • Expertise in due diligence and rating of funds.

Investment process

From a wide universe to an enhanced portfolio.


UBAM Fund concept

Using its experience and expertise, Union Bancaire Privée has enhanced its multi-asset offering through a set of risk-profiled funds of funds. These are suitable for affluent advisory clients seeking efficient diversification.

The Multifunds allocation strategies offer a UCITS-compliant structure for clients with well-defined risk profiles who are seeking tax-efficient regimes.

  • This diversified investment solution is designed to match different risk profiles.
  • The three risk profiles offer 30%, 50% and 70% allocation to equity funds (i.e. the number indicated at the end of a compartment’s name is the reference to its median exposure to global equities).
  • The remainder will be invested in fixed-income funds.
  • Investments will only be made in third-party funds that are carefully selected using a proprietary methodology.
  • Conviction is key in the investment team’s approach, which is based on a rigorous, bottom-up process designed to select the best fixed-income and equity funds.
  • The compartments host 20-30 funds and have a low rate of turnover.
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Institutional clients

With a team of more than 200 people, UBP Asset Management has built an on-the-ground presence in the world’s major markets through organic growth and selected partnerships.

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