According to the investment outlook, we put together an asset allocation that takes into account the latest macroeconomic updates, specific risk profiles and reference currencies. Our most recent global macroeconomic views, asset-class outlook and asset allocation grids are published on a monthly basis.


  • GLOBAL TACTICAL ASSET ALLOCATION - Slight reduction in portfolio risk
  • UBP ECONOMIC OUTLOOK - Robust, sustained and synchronised growth cycle
  • UBP ECONOMIC OUTLOOK - Towards a new monetary regime in 2018
  • GLOBAL EQUITIES - Taking profit on European and healthcare equities
  • GLOBAL BONDS - Reducing our exposure on investment grade to underweight
  • GLOBAL PORTFOLIO POSITIONING - Reducing risk in credit and equities
  • RECENT PORTFOLIO CHANGES - Locking in gains; reducing risk in portfolios
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Asset Allocation

November 2017

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