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Investing in people

Investing in people

UBP’s dynamism stems partly from our ability to attract the most skilled people in every country in which we operate, uniting them through the Group’s values.

Employee recruitment and retention 

We count over 60 nationalities among our employees and our mentoring programme helps them develop their potential. Additionally, UBP has devised a global Leadership Development Programme in partnership with the IMD Business School in Lausanne to prepare UBP’s next generation of leaders. It aims to identify talented employees with the greatest development potential and prepares them to take on new responsibilities within UBP’s organisation in the future.

Learning & Development

Globalisation, digitalisation, and tighter compliance mean that the skills required in our industry are evolving rapidly. Consequently, UBP invests heavily in training and support to allow its employees to retain the highest level of knowledge and know-how.

The Swiss LSFin Ready course, devised in partnership with the Institute for Studies in Finance & Banking (ISFB), is one such initiative that is aimed at all employees in Switzerland who want to improve their knowledge of banking-related matters. In 2020, UBP accelerated the roll-out of e-learning resources to allow it to remain fully operational throughout the pandemic. These were taken up by the entirety of our workforce.

In line with our long-term outlook, we also invest in training the bankers of tomorrow. Our partnership with the INSEAD Business School in Paris and Singapore attests to our commitment to high-level education and the transmission of excellence from one generation to the next. 

This alliance enabled INSEAD to endow the de Picciotto Chair in Alternative Investments in 2003. Separately, UBP’s Leadership Development Programme, devised in partnership with the IMD Business School in Lausanne, brings together managers from several UBP locations.

Apprentices & Graduates 

UBP has a solid tradition of training apprentices. Each year, the Bank welcomes young apprentices who enrol for a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency in commerce with a specialisation in banking. In Singapore, UBP has participated in a state programme involving five trainees over a nine-month period who have the chance to gain an insight into the banking environment.

We have recently widened the employment and learning opportunities offered to young people by launching a Graduate Programme. This initiative will allow university leavers to join UBP for an 18-month stint, working in a range of the Bank’s departments.

Diversity & Inclusion

UBP a pays significant attention to equal treatment, meritocracy, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, and these are key principles for us. We make ongoing efforts to uphold equality in the widest sense of the term, including equal treatment of men and women, equal pay and equal career opportunities. UBP has implemented the latest Swiss gender equality norms in terms of remuneration practices, as well as diversity and anti-discrimination policies.


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