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Analysen 05.10.2023

Investment Update panel addresses Asia clients and prospects

Investment Update panel addresses Asia clients and prospects

Sharing insights is an important way for us to engage and connect with our clients. In September 2023, we held a series of dinners in Asia, including in Hong Kong and Singapore, in which we looked back at our mid-year "Walking the tightrope" analysis and expectations.

Investment Update 2023 was attended by about 400 clients and prospects, on 19 September at the Rosewood Hong Kong and on on 21 September at the Raffles Singapore.

Our investment experts, including Group Chief Strategist, Norman Villamin, Global Head of Forex Strategy, Peter Kinsella, as well as local investment experts, presented to the gathered guests their assessment of the past quarter in global markets and looked ahead at the likely investment climate for the coming quarters.

With the US’s and Europe’s growth set to continue to slow down and flirt with an outright recession, our panel sees it as likely that their central banks will pause their rate-hiking, keeping a cautious eye on the risk of further financial system disturbance or steep unemployment rises. Meanwhile, the ongoing central bank liquidity support could prolong global equities’ rally into year-end. Describing China’s economy as “in a ‘post-bubbles’ phase” and facing additional headwinds from the global geopolitical realignment, our experts see the possibility of tactical and cyclical opportunities presenting themselves in China. But, they noted, investors should look to diversify to other emerging markets. On the topic of foreign exchange the panel also explored the potential impact for investors of the Bank of Japan’s recent policy shift.

The next series of UBP’s Investment Outlook roadshows, looking at what 2024 may have in store, starts in Geneva in November 2023, with the sessions in Asia taking place in January 2024.

Norman Villamin Norman Villamin
Group Chief Strategist
Peter Kinsella Peter Kinsella
Global Head of Forex Strategy

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