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Analisi 20.05.2022

Residential mass-market housing: a defensive sector in an inflationary world

In a new study, UBP’s experts concluded that the mass-market housing sector is better positioned than other sectors to adapt to supply-chain disruptions and inflation risks.

Analisi 16.05.2022

UBP Investment Insight Summit 2022

On 11 & 12 May, our Asset Management division held its third Investment Insight Summit in Zurich.

Corporate 11.05.2022

UBP shows support for the EU’s green energy transition

UBP has joined over 120 businesses calling on the EU to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy future.

UBP in the press 10.05.2022

Forex: USD leads the board

The global economy has been facing a lot of headwinds since the beginning of the year. UBP’s Global Head of Forex Strategy, Peter Kinsella, explains what this means for some of the major currencies.

UBP in the press 04.05.2022

“Targeting companies that solve problems”

Paperjam (27.04.2022) - Union Bancaire Privée is expanding its impact investment offering with the launch of a third strategy dedicated to restoring biodiversity. This strategy complements an offering focused on listed companies that was launched in 2018, and the one devoted to emerging countries launched in 2020. These strategies have raised USD 1.4 billion in assets under management. 

Analisi 02.05.2022

How will consumption patterns change with the next generation?

Demographic patterns and changes are a key driver of demand and consumption of goods.

Comunicati stampa 21.01.2022

Risultati annuali 2021

L’utile netto di Union Bancaire Privée aumenta del 10,9% e si attesta a 201,2 milioni di franchi

Comunicati stampa 10.02.2022

UBP estende le proprie attività sui mercati privati

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) rafforza la propria expertise nel settore immobiliare all’interno della divisione dedicata alle attività sui mercati privati, il Private Markets Group (PMG), con l’arrivo di un team specializzato nella gestione degli immobili, in particolare quelli affittati ad enti governativi, e con il lancio della prima strategia focalizzata sul real estate governativo.

Comunicati stampa 15.12.2021

UBP unisce le forze con gli esperti di conservazione e lancia una strategia per la ricostruzione della biodiversità

UBP annuncia oggi un importante progresso nell’impegno negli investimenti a impatto con il lancio di una strategia incentrata sulla biodiversità, una collaborazione unica tra i settori finanziario, aziendale e della conservazione.

UBP in the press 26.04.2022

“The main aim is to avoid any accidents related to rising interest rates”

Le Temps (20.04.2022) - The war in Ukraine has created a highly unusual environment for investors, writes Michaël Lok, Group Chief Investment Officer at UBP.

Analisi 22.04.2022

Asia tech: fertile ground for investment opportunities

Shifting consumption patterns are spearheading the growth of the digital economy in Asia.

Analisi 21.04.2022

China: Headwinds remain in place for Q2 as PBOC delays easing

Shanghai has entered its fourth week under lockdown, as authorities aim to clamp down on an outbreak of the omicron BA.2 variant. Other cities have also been impacted, with these areas accounting for 17% of China’s GDP.

Analisi 13.04.2022

The meaning of positive nutrition

In this report, we explore the meaning of positive nutrition, how achievable global nutritional goals are and, ultimately, how we invest in nutrition that is positive for people and planet.

Analisi 13.04.2022

Demonstrating how nature-related risks can impact investors

UBP joined forces with Deutsche Bank to address how the transition to a sustainable and resilient food system affects fertiliser company valuations in a contribution to the CISL’s latest report.

UBP in the press 13.04.2022

Opportunities in the bond markets despite the geopolitical context

Allnews (06.04.2022) - The war in Ukraine is no barrier to central-bank monetary tightening. Companies have strengthened their balance sheets and can cope with the current inflationary pressure, which means that there is scope for bond markets, and the high-yield segment in particular, to regain popularity among investors.

Analisi 06.04.2022

Impact strategy: rising to the biodiversity challenge

UBP partnered with L'Agefi’s biodiversity conference at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris on 31 March.

UBP in the press 06.04.2022

Il settore europeo degli immobili pubblici: una asset class dai molti vantaggi

Ticino Management (04.2022) - In un contesto di mercato contrassegnato da una forte volatilità dei titoli e da una ripresa dell’inflazione a breve e medio termine, vale certamente la pena di considerare gli investimenti alternativi tra cui i mercati privati e, in particolare, il settore degli immobili pubblici.