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  2. 2016: Niente crescita, niente guadagni?
Comunicati stampa 26.11.2015

2016: Niente crescita, niente guadagni?

2016: Niente crescita, niente guadagni?

2016 will be about the search for modest growth, while Fed fund rates will be hiked for the first time since  2007. While the US is further along into its recovery, Europe and Japan are only in the early stages of their growth momentum. China, in contrast, is set to grow at a slower pace than in previous years, as it continues with its economic and structural reforms. In all, world growth should remain moderate, and any positive surprises – such as economic growth beating expectations or wages rising more than forecast – look unlikely.


Investing in biodiversity – why and how

UBP is one of the longest-standing investors in hedge funds and a leading European player in the sector.

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Comunicati stampa 02.02.2023

UBP amplia la sua offerta nel campo degli alternativi e stringe una partnership con Brigade

UBP amplia ulteriormente l’offerta nel segmento credit alternative con una strategia in collaborazione con Brigade Capital Management L.P. (“Brigade”), leader globale specializzato in strategie incentrate sul credito.

Comunicati stampa 23.01.2023

Risultati annuali 2022

L’utile netto di Union Bancaire Privée aumenta del 4,5% e si attesta a 210,4 milioni di franchi.

Comunicati stampa 05.10.2022

UBP further expands governmental real estate offering

UBP has announced that it has acquired two properties totalling a surface area of 70,000 m2 in Belgium through a share purchase for its European governmental real estate strategy. The two buildings, rented by Belgium’s ministry of foreign affairs, are located in the centre of Brussels.