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Corporate 18.01.2022

Innovative climate finance: UBP partners with the Swiss Climate Foundation

Innovative climate finance: UBP partners with the Swiss Climate Foundation

UBP is kicking off the new year with an exciting new partnership. 

As a member of the Swiss Climate Foundation, we are part of a powerful network of Swiss banks, insurers and other service providers who support climate innovation projects that simultaneously benefit the local economy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

With UBP’s headquarters located in Switzerland, where many sectors are feeling the mounting pressure from the impacts of climate change, supporting local climate efforts is close to our heart.

“We are delighted to become a partner of this powerful initiative with its unique ability to generate a double win for the climate and the economy. By channelling the capital and expertise of its members into climate innovation projects, the Swiss Climate Foundation plays a concrete and meaningful role in supporting the transition to a net-zero future. This partnership is the perfect reflection of UBP’s pragmatic and solution-focused approach to sustainability.”

Ian Cramb, Chief Operating Officer

Under the Swiss CO₂ tax law, one third of the collected tax money is reimbursed to companies based on their annual salary sum. Every year, the members donate their CO₂ tax rebate to the Foundation.

Since its creation in 2008, the Swiss Climate Foundation has allocated CHF 33 million to more than 2100 SMEs, targeting climate innovation and energy-saving projects as well as supporting companies in their efforts to set voluntary energy efficiency targets. This financing has generated an estimated CHF 100 million in knock-on investments. In 2020 alone, almost CHF 5 million was raised, allowing the Foundation to support around 400 projects.

As innovation plays an increasingly fundamental role in the effort to curb emissions in line with the 1.5°C temperature increase cap set by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, from this year onwards the Foundation will focus solely on financing climate innovation projects.

The Swiss Climate Foundation has a solid track record in supporting innovation in areas ranging from efficient agriculture, carbon capture and storage, biomaterials, renewable energy, and the circular economy.

For example, the Foundation has supported a company that offers a solution to permanently store carbon emissions in recycled cement as well as a young start-up that transforms organic waste into energy and renewable materials that can replace mineral oils in products such as textiles, plastics and cosmetics.

UBP is thrilled to be part of the Foundation and support impactful climate innovation projects that have a direct, positive impact on the Swiss economy. In addition to our annual financial contribution, UBP will be an active partner of the Foundation with Stephan Zilker, COO Zurich and Head of General Services, joining the Foundation’s Advisory Board, which supports the Board in deciding which projects to back.

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