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新闻稿 12.07.2018

Launch of a new investment-grade strategy

Launch of a new investment-grade strategy

UBP announced today that it is further expanding its euro fixed-income offering with the launch of a new investment-grade strategy.

This new fund is managed using the same approach developed by UBP’s Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income team for high-yield portfolios, which has won multiple industry awards. It combines a top-down macro allocation with liquid positions in interest rates and credit securities to provide optimised exposure to euro investment-grade markets.

This investment-grade strategy reflects UBP’s desire to offer investors innovative solutions to optimise the risk/reward profile of their euro fixed-income portfolios in a negative rate environment. The new fund complements UBP’s existing range of benchmarked and absolute-return strategies that are actively managed by the Fixed Income team.

Nicolas Faller, co-CEO of Asset Management at UBP, said:

“Launching this new strategy enables us to expand our euro fixed-income offering further and meet growing client demand for innovative solutions that help them to manage their exposure to investment-grade credit markets”.

Michaël Lok, co-CEO of Asset Management, added: “This new fund is particularly attractive for investors as part of their wider asset-allocation considerations, and our liquidity-focused macro approach is a perfect fit with the euro investment-grade market".

"The launch illustrates the ability of our Global & Absolute Return Fixed Income team to offer clients genuine outperformance potential”.

The fund is currently available to investors in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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