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UBP, a place for talents

Experienced Professionals

If you are looking for a bank where the decision-making process is clear and fast, UBP is for you. Challenge, performance and passion are key words that describe our business approach. At its heart, UBP is a family business, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, UBP is financially stable, has clear company values, and a long-term vision, thanks to its family ownership.

High expectations

We expect a lot from you, but in return we provide you with great support to achieve both your goals and ours. You will be working in a dynamic environment where you will face exciting new challenges every day. We believe in the future, and have a well-defined plan of what we wish to achieve. We seek out like-minded professionals to join us on this journey.

Rewarding returns

UBP understands that a satisfied employee is a productive employee. By providing an intellectually stimulating working environment, we aim to ensure that employees can keep developing new skills. You will see great returns on the efforts you invest; we are truly a career-building company.

Part of a family

We recognise that each person is unique and offers unique skills. UBP is strengthened and enriched by the diversity that comes from the mix of 57 nationalities. This contributes to the spirit that drives progress and innovation at UBP. First and foremost, you know who you are working for and what the objectives are.

We are always looking for new talent to strengthen our teams, in Switzerland and around the world. If you believe that you have the ‘drive we demand’, please consult our job openings, or send us your speculative application:

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The commitment demonstrated by UBP’s staff bears witness to the Bank’s unique corporate culture...

企业 03.11.2023

Third UBP Next Gen Academy a success

The UBP Next Generation Academy – which recently took place again, four years after the previous edition, partly in Paris and partly in Geneva – brought together an eclectic and multicultural group of young people with a lot to share and a keen interest in learning from the course and from each other.