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Insurance-Linked Securities

Insurance-Linked Securities

Investing in ILS consists of collecting insurance risk premiums (or coupons) in exchange for taking on the risk of extreme natural catastrophes occurring. ILS benefits can be summarised in two words: diversification and yields.

ILS’ currently attractive yields are supported by their own dynamics and technicalities. Furthermore, because ILS are not a financial asset, they provide a natural decorrelation from any other asset class, thus acting as a significant risk reducer in a portfolio.


In an environment characterised by low interest rates and high equity volatility, many professional investors are looking for alternative solutions to traditional assets in order to secure yields, while diversifying away from the uncertainty of financial markets. Due to their attractive risk/return profile, ILS are definitely among those solutions.

Investment philosophy & process

The ILS solutions UBP offers are managed by our partner, SCOR Investment Partners, a market leader in the reinsurance and ILS space. The team’s competitive edge relies on its unique know-how in reinsurance pricing, risk modelling, scenario analysis, risk control, active portfolio management and legal expertise.

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