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Moving forward with our clients

Moving forward with our clients

Sustainability is a key priority for our future because we have a role to play in allocating capital to sustainable economic activities. It’s by guiding our clients towards responsible investments that we can make a real difference.

Responsible investment      

As the potential for profitable ways to invest responsibly is increasing, we are determined to identify companies and sectors that can deliver a positive impact alongside financial returns. Indeed, we are convinced that responsible investment practices help us fulfil our fiduciary duty to obtain long-term, sustainable performance for our clients.

In our view, companies with an appropriate management structure and the ability to mitigate environmental and social risks ultimately have a more sustainable business model. For this reason, we incorporate screening, promotion, active ownership and thought leadership into our investment processes.

UBP has been following the Sustainability Proxy Voting Policy of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) since January 2019 with the aim of acting in the best financial interests of shareholders, while at the same time promoting best practices in terms of ESG criteria and the UN PRI.

Impact Investing

We strongly believe that the financial sector has a key role to play in creating a sustainable economy. This is why UBP has extended its expertise in responsible investment to impact investing.

Impact investing allows investors to align their financial objectives with their values and to support companies with a clear intention of having a positive impact and a strong potential for growth and profitability.

The ever-increasing pressure to find innovative solutions and technologies that enable people and the planet to live in harmony results in strong investment inflows for companies that help achieve these goals. Identifying and supporting these companies is a key tenet of impact investing, and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are therefore increasingly serving as a road map to achieve this.

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