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Financial markets have transformed over the past century and continue to face major technological, demographic and energy-supply developments that will have massive impact in the longer term, as will major economies’ heavy debt burdens, which will limit their growth potential.

UBP’s fund solution to tackle these changes is a flexible and opportunistic multi-asset investment approach. A discretionary multi-asset allocation to all major asset classes, such as fixed income, equities, commodities, cash and money market instruments are all essential to achieve sustainable returns and capture future growth opportunities.


  • Financial markets continue to face major changes that are impacting return potential
  • Flexible and opportunistic multi-asset allocations can handle these changes
  • Investing in all major asset classes with a conviction-driven, multi-asset approach can capture opportunities
  • Discretionary allocation driven by expected returns adjusted to volatility
  • Disciplined risk management

Investment philosophy and process

Our top-down and bottom-up discretionary multi-asset investment philosophy aims to generate sustained returns over the long term. The macroeconomic view determines the strategic asset allocation and is combined with a fundamentally assessed instrument selection for all asset classes. By superimposing the macroeconomic scenario over the bottom-up selection, the team is able to calculate the desired level of risk in the multi-asset portfolio.

The resulting discretionary construction goes through a quantitative optimisation to fit the level of conviction within a disciplined risk framework in order to limit drawdowns and excessive volatility. Special attention is paid to daily pre-trade risk monitoring.


Multi-asset investment

  • Multi-asset allocation (mandates/UCITS)
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investment manager

Olivier Iche

Olivier’s experience comes from several previous roles, including as head of fixed-income strategy and fund manager since 2010. He has an MSc in Finance from EM Lyon Graduate School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in applied economics from University of Paris Dauphine.

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Investment manager

Daniel Rezzonico

Daniel began his career 1988 and has held several positions, including head of research and regional equity funds, and head of equities for asset management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economic business & finance from the University of Geneva.

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