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Investment expertise

Alternative investments

Multi-manager solutions

Alternative investments

Our multi-manager solutions provide investors with portfolios of alternative managers that are either diversified into various strategies or more focused on one strategy or thematic. We split them into three categories:

  • Customised mandates – discretionary or advisory
  • Commingled products – regulated or non-regulated
  • Thematic solutions

Our customised solutions offer exposure to alternatives and are fully tailored to the investor’s guidelines and constraints. They can be either well diversified within strategies or target a specific thematic, be liquid, less liquid, or a combination of both, and be directional or conservative. Customisation allows our clients to utilise our industry-leading investment process but in a format that seeks to address their current risk concerns. Our solutions are available through discretionary or advisory mandates, starting from USD 5 million.

Our commingled products range from regulated and cost-efficient vehicles with weekly liquidity to unconstrained vehicles offering quarterly liquidity or less. Our liquid and regulated solutions include an Alternative Beta strategy, which offers exposure to liquid alpha and alternative risk premia strategies. Within liquid alpha solutions we offer exposure to two investment profiles: asymmetric equity and absolute return/uncorrelated. Both offer weekly liquidity. Our unconstrained solution offers exposure to a line-up of exclusive single managers that are generally not available to investors and are in demand, with a total return investment profile with limited beta to equities. It offers quarterly liquidity.

Thematic solutions are made available opportunistically, if a major event or thematic offers compelling investment opportunities. This includes solutions like the Distressed strategy, which resulted from the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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