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  2. 2023年外汇投资展望
洞见 13.12.2022



新年将至,随着通胀压力开始缓和及收紧货币政策周期接近触顶,瑞士瑞联全球外汇策略主管 Peter Kinsella  在本视频中,分享外汇市场在这新阶段里的主要趋势。


  • 在多项因素的互动下,预测美元在新一年将小幅转弱,这包括通胀压力纾缓、加息步伐减慢、美国经常账逆差庞大,以及美元估值偏高等。
  • 因此,收益率较高的新兴市场货币如巴西雷亚尔和墨西哥比索等将获益。
  • 至于欧元和英镑的走势将取决于能源价格。

Peter Kinsella Peter Kinsella


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洞见 17.03.2023

Learning from the mistakes of the 1970s

2023 began with market optimism that the US could successfully navigate its battle with inflation. Recent data have confirmed our suspicions that getting inflation back to the Fed’s 2% target will be more challenging than markets had been assuming.

洞见 23.02.2023

Adapting Advisory portfolios to the improved fixed income outlook

As a decade of yield repression comes to an end, building a fixed income portfolio with an acceptable yield has become an easier task. Given a deteriorating economic background and hawkish policymakers, we believe in harvesting the attractive yields offered by short-term quality bonds, which currently have the best risk-return profile.

洞见 21.02.2023

Japan’s equity market: small is beautiful

The steep fall in valuations that started at the end of 2021 disproportionately affected the innovative growth segment of the Japanese market. With the stronger yen, companies that are less vulnerable to global cycles could prove to be the ones to consider.