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Corporate 22.02.2021

UBP Monaco looks at the future through the lens of art

UBP Monaco looks at the future through the lens of art

After the success of its first art exhibition in collaboration with art agent MTArt, UBP Monaco has made a new selection of works by another set of talents supported by the agency for its second exhibition themed ‘A Brave New World’. 

Enhanced by the beautiful setting of the branch’s Belle Epoque building, the works of art take the viewer on a journey to explore the fragility of human beings, of society, of our political institutions, and the preciousness of our environment.

Watch this video to go on a virtual tour of the exhibition, which started in mid-January and runs until June, and get a feel for the central concepts underlying the artists’ creations on show at UBP Monaco.

“Financial institutions are an integral part of the world they are based in, and dependent on the people who created them and whom they serve.

Just like individuals, they can only benefit from taking a step back, looking at the world from a different angle and through the lens of art, which has a unique way of showing flaws and inspiring you to keep improving.”

Sérène El Masri

UBP Monaco


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UBP is one of the longest-standing investors in hedge funds and a leading European player in the sector.

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