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Insight 16.05.2022

UBP Investment Insight Summit 2022

UBP Investment Insight Summit 2022

On 11 & 12 May, our Asset Management division held its third Investment Insight Summit in Zurich. More than 100 clients and staff from across Switzerland and Europe attended the event, which finally gave them the opportunity to meet in person again.

Get a taste of the event with this aftermovie.

On the first day of the summit, Christian Takushi, macroeconomist and geopolitical strategist, and Norman Villamin, UBP’s CIO Wealth Management, discussed the main geopolitical and macroeconomic trends, and shared their perspectives on the global transformation and the search for a new equilibrium. The presentations were very much appreciated by the guests and triggered many discussions.


UBP signed up experienced and talented advisors for the summit, including Christian Takushi, macroeconomist and geopolitical strategist, Dr Tony Juniper, Chair of Natural England, and Edgar Grospiron, Olympic freestyle skiing champion.

Click on the video to learn more about Edgar Grospiron.



On the second day, keynote speeches, round-table discussions and workshops with both internal and external speakers explored a wide range of topics and questions, including:

  • Why is restoring nature a new driver for innovation in asset management?

  • How can portfolios extract value in the current environment of rising interest rates?

  • How can we identify companies that are able to generate value in the long term?

  • Is there such a thing as a differentiated strategy in real estate?

These are some of the issues for which speakers provided valuable insights while also offering attendees the chance to interact with them.

Click below to listen to one of the round-table discussions and exchanges between our experts and the guests.

“In this period of generalized risk aversion, we find value in selective Emerging Market Debt opportunities. Individual countries have very different circumstances: some have raised interest rates sharply and preemptively in response to rising inflation and some actually benefit from higher commodity prices in their current account and fiscal balance. That leaves a wide spectrum of sovereign, corporate and local relative value opportunities for an active investor”

Philippe Lespinard, Head of AM London

“Strong inflows into private assets reflect a fundamental, long-term shift in institutional asset allocation away from traditional assets of equities and bonds. Within private debt European loans continue to offer attractive returns and in private equity venture capital continues to service the funding deficit for smaller start-up companies. The key to success in private assets resides with manager selection rather than capture of a generic illiquidity premium”

Kier Boley, Co-Head and CIO of UBP Alternative Investment Solutions 


Investing in biodiversity – why and how

How does the loss and restoration of biodiversity translate to investments?

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