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Corporate 16.02.2023

UBP hosts Swiss Climate Foundation meeting

UBP hosts Swiss Climate Foundation meeting

One year after joining the Swiss Climate Foundation, UBP was pleased to host its members for their first Advisory Board meeting of 2023.

As a partner of the foundation, we collaborate with a powerful network of Swiss banks, insurers, and other service providers to support climate innovation projects that benefit the local economy in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Under the Swiss CO₂ tax law, one third of the collected tax money is reimbursed to companies based on their annual salary sum. Every year, the members donate their CO₂ tax rebate to the Foundation which is then used to support the climate innovation projects of small and medium enterprises.

The Swiss Climate Foundation has a solid track record of supporting innovation in areas ranging from efficient agriculture, carbon capture and storage, and biomaterials to renewable energy and the circular economy.

“A year ago we were able to welcome UBP as a new partner”, said Vincent Eckert, Managing Director of the Swiss Climate Foundation. “In the meantime, further partnerships have emerged, so that 31 partner companies now support the Swiss Climate Foundation. This is a strong sign of our joint commitment to more climate protection. We look forward to the exchange and an exciting 2023.”

The Advisory Board meetings, held on a quarterly basis, provide an opportunity for members to get together to review existing and new projects, alongside discussing administrative matters.

Around 30 participants joined the January meeting at UBP’s Zurich office, which also featured a project presentation from one of the companies that the foundation supports. This allowed the members to directly interact with a solution provider and gain better insight into the impact it has on climate innovation and the local economy.


Hedge funds

UBP is one of the longest-standing investors in hedge funds and a leading European player in the sector.

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