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Insight 21.10.2022

The US: green shoots of impact companies?

The US: green shoots of impact companies?

UBP’s Impact Investing team recently participated in a sustainability-themed trip, seeking out those US companies which make a positive impact.

For an investment to be truly impactful in the listed equity space, it is not enough to simply invest in companies deemed to be providing services or products that contribute positively to the environment or society. The impact additionality of the investment requires engagement with investee and potential investee companies to holistically understand their products, operations and strategies, while also guiding and encouraging more sustainable practices.

With this in mind, Tidjan Ciss, a member of UBP’s Positive Impact Team and Junior Portfolio Manager for our Global Impact Equity strategy, recently participated in a sustainability-themed fact-finding mission to the US organised by Berenberg. Accompanied by peers from 10 asset managers who collectively have over USD 100 billion in sustainable AUM, the group met with representatives from 19 different companies over 5 days.

For UBP, the goal was to enhance our impact investing expertise in the US, where we observed that companies are lagging behind in terms of sustainability commitments, signalling that there is lots of room for improvement and potential for positive impact additionality.

Collaboration between the companies and investors on the ground proved very constructive and educational, illustrating that, when it comes to sustainability and impact, progress is made by working together.

Watch this video in which Tidjan explains more.

Tidjan Ciss Tidjan Ciss
Junior Portfolio Manager

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