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Corporate 29.06.2023

The medium of art for strengthening relationships

The medium of art for strengthening relationships

UBP Basel recently hosted a client event at the famous art fair Art Basel.

Art Basel exhibits works from the 20th and 21st centuries and is indisputably the world’s leading fair in the international art market. Every year in June over 200 prestigious galleries converge on the city to showcase artworks in various forms, both by modern masters and by emerging talents. Since it was founded in Basel in 1970, the fair has spread to other cities – Miami, Hong Kong, and most recently, Paris – where sister events are held at different times of year.

UBP’s Basel branch, right at the crossroads between Switzerland, France and Germany, is perfectly positioned to serve both Swiss and EU-based clients. On the initiative of Head of the Netherlands Market, Christoph Heller, the branch invited a selection of its clients to experience this major event in the cultural calendar.

“It is always amazing to see the many leading galleries and great artists from all over the world. We are happy to visit Art Basel with our clients and spend a few moments in full admiration of the great work of arts exhibited.”

Adrian Künzi, CEO UBP Zurich and Head of Wealth Management European Markets

The guests were first taken on a tour of the masterpieces at the Kunstmuseum, hosted by the director, and on the next day they visited the fair at the exhibition hall. The exclusive champagne reception that followed was the perfect opportunity, with the recent visit as a conversation starter, for the guests and their relationship managers to catch up and exchange views.

“We are always delighted to welcome visitors at the Kunstmuseum Basel with its extraordinary collection spanning eight centuries, from Holbein to Picasso.”

Josef Helfenstein, Kunstmuseum director

UBP’s founder, the late Edgar de Picciotto, was a patron of the arts and a keen art collector. We believe art has a way of bringing people together and creating connections which very much underpins our culture of building strong and long-lasting ties with our clients. Supporting culture and engaging with our local communities is part of our DNA, which made our presence at this important event for the local scene all the more meaningful.


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