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Corporate 16.11.2020

Taking a deep breath with freediving champion Guillaume Néry

Taking a deep breath with freediving champion Guillaume Néry

Multiple world record holder and reigning world freediving champion Guillaume Néry was the guest speaker at UBP’s latest global in-house conference. The Bank regularly invites inspiring figures to share their visions and talk about their unique experiences.

We are pleased to share this video with you, which shows the highlights of the fascinating journey into the world of freediving that Guillaume Néry took us on.

During his presentation, the double world champion explained how he trains to confront the extremes of the underwater environment, and in particular how he handles the huge pressure exerted by the water.

For him, it is not only about meeting new challenges and pushing limits: it is about being in control and abiding by the rules he sets for himself so that he can handle the stress of diving down 125 metres, which means anticipation, adaption, awareness and trusting his team.

These four fundamental values resonate strongly in these unprecedented times when public health challenges and global uncertainty question our resilience, both as individuals and as a society.

As a key witness to the magic of the underwater world and an environmental activist, Guillaume Néry also used the conference to advocate for the protection of the oceans, which are threatened by overfishing and climate change.

He is convinced that everyone can do their bit to turn things around and in our profession, impact investing is a compelling way for individuals to help in the fight to heal our planet.

“The change has to be global but also individual. Together we can create a wave of change.”



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