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Corporate 28.08.2023

Helping young talents inspire others

Helping young talents inspire others

UBP is pleased to announce the sponsorship of a young dressage rider as part of its commitment to forwarding the careers of the young generation.

The Young Talent programme was born of UBP’s commitment to supporting and fostering high achievement in the young generations, not only in the finance industry with our Graduate Programme and courses with INSEAD, but also in the visual arts, music and sports.

We have recently committed to sponsoring an up-and-coming young dressage rider for one year, from 19 August 2023 till 18 August 2024, to help her launch what promises to be a stellar career. As well as being talented and passionate, Kendra Li is multicultural: originally from Hong Kong, living in Singapore and with ties to Malta, she has a German trainer coaching her on her Belgian horse. At only 14 years of age, she has already achieved an impressive result in the 2023 International Equestrian Federation’s (FEI) European Championship and has ambitious plans to realise her childhood ‘princess dream’ of becoming a world-class riding champion.

What drives us with such sponsorships is the hope that putting forward such examples of ambition, hard work and excellence will inspire other young people to pursue their dreams and give them the belief that they can reach for the top.

We firmly believe that by fostering a can-do attitude, an entrepreneurial culture, corporate actors can contribute to success and prosperity, not only for individuals, but for communities and society as a whole.

Join us in wishing Kendra every success in pursuing her dream!

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