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Insight 24.03.2021

Agility: at the heart of our discretionary management

Agility: at the heart of our discretionary management

Your goals and aspirations are unique – so is our approach to discretionary portfolio management.

At UBP we believe that each client is unique. Therefore, our investment process starts with understanding your individual needs, goals and values. Only then do we tailor an appropriate investment strategy. UBP’s expertise in discretionary management lets you benefit from innovative goal-oriented investments suited to your specific needs.

Our discretionary portfolio management approach

  • In times of uncertainty, the need for professional portfolio management is particularly strong.
  • To preserve and grow capital, sound portfolio construction techniques such as diversification, professional risk management and efficient tactical implementation of investment ideas are paramount.
  • A professionally managed mandate allows you to benefit from UBP’s collective investment expertise, with the aim of maximising risk-adjusted returns throughout the highs and lows of financial markets.

Continually low interest rates have made the task of choosing appropriate investment instruments more complex. With a discretionary mandate, our investment expertise can help to build your portfolio with access to best-in-class products. UBP combines strongly held convictions with a high degree of flexibility aimed at taking advantage of opportunities in all markets.

We diversify market risk across regions as well as asset classes in order to obtain a balanced portfolio. Our expertise in private markets and alternative investment opportunities allows investor to further spread risks, shielding your assets from the fluctuations of listed bonds and equities. Our investment specialists optimise the correlations between these instruments, enabling you’re your risk–return profile to remain relatively stable, regardless of market movements.

In our view, successful discretionary management requires the right level of interaction between clients and investment professionals. The foundation of our approach is an open, transparent and regular dialogue about the strategic aims of the portfolio, our convictions, and your needs as they evolve over time.

Our reporting capabilities ensure that you are regularly informed about the performance of your investments and can easily track how your portfolio is faring in the current market environment. Our investment specialists build long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our goal-based approach is personalised, taking into account all aspects of a client’s wealth along with specific targets, as well as responsive: we can adjust it to changes in the market environment and the client’s goals.

What lies ahead and how do we plan for every eventuality?

There is no telling what the future holds. What matters is the ability to move swiftly and to adapt, on the strength of conviction, while always thinking long-term. Indeed, speed of execution is only going to grow in importance as financial markets become more interconnected. Discretionary portfolio management allows us to implement our investment ideas swiftly, before markets have moved against you, and to react to price swings on the world’s exchanges in real time. We believe that this is the only way to maximise the potential of your portfolio in line with your individual investment objectives.

Knowing that your investments are looked after professionally and according to your wishes gives you peace of mind. It further allows you to capitalise on UBP’s strategic and tactical investment convictions with no loss of time in their execution.

Our active investment approach

Our investment strategies are based on conviction – we firmly believe in the advantages of active asset management, combined with a disciplined risk approach. Our discretionary portfolio managers are highly experienced, with a broad range of professional and industry qualifications. Their expertise ranges from equities to fixed income, commodities, currencies, alternatives and derivatives. We offer full transparency on the performance of your portfolio and keep you up-to-date on asset allocation changes. We also provide updates on our investment views and market-specific events with our regular publications and videos.

Optimising portfolio construction

The Strategic Asset Allocation combines different asset classes into a coherent investment process. It determines the portfolio’s long-term performance and its ability to meet each client’s personal goals. Only once the client’s return expectations and individual risk profile are fully accounted for can a portfolio develop its full potential throughout rising and falling markets. This requires a keen understanding of the client’s concerns and motivations. The second stage consists in the Tactical Asset Allocation. The various risk factors affecting the portfolio change over time, as do the risk premiums associated with them. As a result, we continuously adjust our asset allocation. This way, we can make sure that all risks are sufficiently diversified and that the returns are in line with the client’s desired return.

Wealth preservation

At UBP, our history, vision and mission are centred on preserving wealth. This represents the foundation of the Bank’s proprietary risk management approach.

At a glance

Our approach to discretionary portfolio management consists in an actively managed, comprehensive solution driven by the views of our Global Investment Committee. We give our clients access to UBP’s entire investment expertise, while allowing a choice of mandate and strategy in line with their individual requirements.


Benefiting from trends in thematic investing

Thematic investing means devising investment strategies that benefit from megatrends

Private clients

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your goals and aspirations are unique – so is our Discretionary Portfolio Management service.

The products or services mentioned are provided as general information only and are not intended to provide investment or other advice. Not all products or services described are available in all jurisdictions. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

For full disclaimer, please refer to UBP legal disclaimer.


Hedge funds

UBP is one of the longest-standing investors in hedge funds and a leading European player in the sector.

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