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Formerly known as Morgan Stanley Capital International, MSCI became independent in 2007. It is a financial services company that markets research and analysis tools to institutional investors. It is the global leader in market indices that it publishes under the MSCI brand. The best known of these indices – the MSCI World – is an index that is weighted by stock market capitalisations listed in some twenty economically developed countries. It comprises 1,600 names which represent the major sectors of the global economy. Among MSCI’s other indices, the MSCI Europe reflects the performance of the fifteen main markets of the European Union.

Launched in 1988, the MSCI Emerging Market Index also commands a great deal of interest.

This index is made up of 846 companies listed across 24 emerging countries that have been chosen according to their levels of economic development, their size, their liquidity conditions, and market accessibility. In particular, the index includes China, Greece, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Turkey, and South Africa.

The MSCI Frontier Markets is dedicated to so-called “frontier” markets, i.e. those markets which do not offer the same levels of liquidity, foreign investor access or economic development as emerging markets. This designation includes countries such as Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria and Vietnam. “Frontier” markets offer a greater decorrelation to developed markets.

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